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It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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Post-bath babies are the sweetest babies.

It's Friiiiiii-day and I'm ready for a little break! Tonight I'm going to order from Door Dash which is a busy mama's dream. Yafo is calling my name (the yummiest Mediterranean cuisine). Do you have Door Dash near you ... if so, HERE is a link for $7 off of your first order! Yes ma'am!

Image result for doordash
(click image to see if it's available in your area)


My sweet mom gave me a little surcee yesterday when I saw her ... my favorite olives! I couldn't resist breaking open the jar last night while my oven pizza was cooling. Castelvetranos are the yummiest, freshest tasting olives!

Amazon Echo/Dot users, what are your favorite music stations for Alexa to play? I'm always on the hunt for great stations.

The 4 stations/artists I request most:
1) Sam Cook station
2) Ray Lynch (new age-y relaxing music)
3) John Legend station
4) Enya (I love love love some Enya filling the house)

Those of you who shopped the Nordstrom sale ... what did you buy? What are the hidden gems? Of course there are the items everyone and their sister wants (I'm looking at you, $30 leopard ruana).

Mixed Media Swing Top $45.90


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


Our Bathroom Renovation: Goals and Inspiration

The ugly tile in our master bathroom was first broken July 3, so we are a few weeks in to our big renovation!

Today I am going to quickly share some of our goals and inspiration photos, as well as some progress shots! I think everyone likes to see a progress shot ... we don't all move from frog to prince in the wave of a magic wand.

So, here were my goals for the bathroom renovation:
1) STAY in budget
2) Add unique qualities ... not the bland hotel bathroom look
3) Make decisions quickly and wisely to stay on track
4) Serene, spa-like colors and materials
5) Maintain original layout of bathroom to save money

There are so many wonderful online resources for inspiration photos (Pinterest, Houzz) and actual materials. Today I am going to showcase one of these resources for materials, Maykke, because they are specialists in bathroom makeovers and their prices are super competitive.

One of the first things we chose was our tub! I wanted a beautiful tub with smooth lines, a modern-ish feel, and preferably under $1000. You can find several freestanding bathtubs on Maykke that fit that bill.

59" Dewey Freestanding Bathtub

Next up was looking at a wide selection of bathroom vanities. I wanted light gray or white, and I REALLY wanted an upper tower added for additional storage but also to bring the eye upward -- we have high ceilings in the bathroom.

We needed a pretty long one -- 90" -- so we are having one made. It has cabinets under each sink and two sets of drawers in the middle. So Ian and I will both have our own storage space, but let's be honest, some of my items will likely spill over to his side. #highmaintenancegirlprobz

Abigail Vanity Set - French Gray Finish

The "jewelry" of our reno has been fun for me and way less stressful because the fixtures and lighting aren't what are costing the big bucks! We looked at several bathroom faucets before deciding on a fairly contemporary set. We've been working with an amazing designer who has challenged me to break out of my traditional comfort zone and add in some more modern pieces to really make it look updated.

Augusta Single Hole Faucet

Today I need to do something I don't really love to do -- have a "where do we stand" conversation about our budget with our tile guy -- because I think we just need to reign everything in and make sure the overall budget is being upheld. I'm not the most confrontational person, so I'll need to break out of my comfort zone!

And finally, here's a little board I put together that shows progress of the tile, the big light fixture we've selected to hang over the tub, and the countertop that will be on top of the white cabinets. I'm in love!

Grout starts today and we chose a light platinum color. It's been so fun to see it all come together.

Thank you to Maykke for allowing me to brag on your exceptional products and show some of my favorites from your wide selection!


Bread and Jam For Camille

When I was younger, one of my favorite books was Bread And Jam For Frances. Frances refuses to eat the food her family offers, preferring only bread and jam. Until the day that all she is ever offered is bread and jam ... morning, noon and night. You know how too much of a good thing can just be -- too much? Frances finds that out.

My mom gave that book to Camille and it's recently been her go-to. So you can imagine how excited she was when she got a Frances breakfast this morning ... bread with jam and an egg in a cup!

You can find it HERE on Amazon for three bucks! Definitely an adorable read. I think you'll see why it was one of my childhood favorites. 


Throw Them Bows!

It's summah-time, and the living's easy, and Lilly hairbows are abound!

I will be posting a lot of these for sale today on my IG (@thetipsybunny) so please follow along and tag a friend!

I've continued taking on bow orders even though I've been really busy with LipSense and just life in general. Bathroom remodel, summer camp for Camille, and I've decided to run a marathon. WAIT NO. That last one is totally a lie. Ain't no way. Unless a zombie was chasing me. 

Here are some bows I've made recently! I can't get over the pompom trim!

I even made a bowtie for a very special little boy who is in an upcoming wedding!

Thanks for following along, happy Monday!


Five On Friday ... Come To Mama

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

Remember, all you have to do is post about five things on your mind, add our logo (found at the bottom of this post), and join the party using the linky tools below. Easy, and a great way to find new blogs and be found. :)

Hi y'all and happy Friday!

Yesterday's post-nap activity was so cute and fun. We set up the little childrens' table on the screened porch with some coloring pages (taped down with washi tape, easiest coloring hack ever) and snacks. I was halfway petrified Charlotte would fall right off of the chair, but I need to let her be a big girl more and ... hover less. :) They had a great time, and this is special because my sisters and I used to do the same thing.

Alexa is IN THE BUILDING! We ordered the Amazon Echo (half price!) during this week's Prime Day and ... I'm sitting here right now sipping coffee and listening to "Paradise" by Coldplay simply because I said "Alexa play Coldplay." And that was after she gave me today's weather. I have a feeling we will be getting along nicely!

Image result for amazon echo
Well the Nordstrom sale hit big yesterday, and as much as I wanted to steer clear, I am a sucker for saving a dime or two. I am not a cardholder and really don't have the urge to be one, I just have to hope that what I want is left when the sale opens to everyone on the 21st.

Yesterday morning I took a screenshot of six items I wanted to try on, walked into the store, found an associate and asked her to point me in the right direction. I tried on what was available so that I know my exact sizing and can order online with curbside pickup when the sale is live to me.

My unexpected favorite ended up being this Mixed Media top. It's big and shapeless but looks cute with skinny jeans. This will be on my must-have list on the 21st. 

Mixed Media Swing Top $45.90

If the Nordstrom sale isn't your jam but you do like the adorned sweatshirt trend like above, here's a fun round-up of what's currently on Thred Up ... the #1 way I'm buying clothes these days.

Scared about items not fitting? You send it back (prepaid envelope) for store credit ... easy peasy. I've done it before with a dress that was too short.

New customer with Thred Up? Here's a referral link from me that will take $10 off your purchase!


Friday vibes I hope you have a replacing and restful weekend! repost from my girl @jasminehemsley  But really as a business owner are you ever "out"/finished on Friday? #workontheweekends...


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


Thursday Talk

Hi ladies! And Happy Friday EVE! A little Thursday this and that. 


So, yesterday was a wonderful day because I got to meet my friend's third baby girl! She was so beautiful, so perfect, and so teeny -- you almost forget how small these babies come! 

I think she's going to be a total snugglebug and she already has the sweetest little disposition. She's perfection bundled up in a swaddle. 

So, last night I went to a Norwex party (the environmentally friendly cleaning products) and was really wowed by it. I ended up buying a few of the cloths. If you're a representative, please drop your info below in the comments section so other people can shop with you! I ordered an Envirocloth and the window cleaning cloth. 

Today I have a meeting with our bathroom designer at the countertop place. This has been probably the hardest thing for me to select because the tile we have all over our bathroom has a marble-type veining throughout it, YET that is the type of countertop look I usually like. But we need a countertop that looks different enough from the tile floors. I'm hoping we find a remnant that will look great with our white vanity/tower and THIS tile we've chosen from Home Depot. 

A list of quartz countertops that look like carrara marble. Our kitchen features Santa Margherita in Victoria with grey and white cabinetry and subway tile.

Finally, for any of you who are looking for great snags from the Nordstrom sale, the Bella Tunno Boss Bag that I own and love is on big sale, $55 off.

Main Image - Bella Tunno Boss Faux Leather Diaper Bag & Clutch

I own this cognac color and absolutely love this bag and its' many pockets and accessories. 

I took part in a photoshoot with them (they are HQed locally here in Charlotte!) last fall and here's the bag -- hanging from the stroller -- and the accompanying smaller inner bag shown in gray. 

And if you are looking for a similar filigree earring like the one I'm wearing below, these KS beauties are part of the sale, down from $60 to $39.90.

Main Image - Kendra Scott Elle Filigree Drop Earrings
filigree earrings

That's all I've got for now. See ya'll back for Five On Friday! 


Wednesday This and That

Happy Wednesday, folks! A few things coming at ya today...

Shall we start with the rose?

Ian picked this up for us Sunday and it was delish! I tend to like roses that are lighter in color like this one, more of an orangey hue than that bright pink color. Plus ... label love.

On Sunday I walked over with some neighborhood girlfriends to a house that is for sale down the street from me. Someone with young fun kids come join us over here! We have so much fun in our neighborhood -- I've truly loved getting to know these gals and their families SO much. 

Yesterday I wore my new pink ruffle-neck top from Thred Up -- you can kind of see it in this photo with a certain someone who easily snags the limelight.

I had a few questions on it and saw that there are a few more currently on Thred Up! Just put in "J Crew sleeveless silk pink" in the search box and it should bring up a few. New customers CLICK HERE to get $10 off of your first order (yes, meaning you can get this top for $15!).

Some of my other favorite search terms for finding deals on Thred Up:
+ Lilly Pulitzer
+ Loft
+ J. McLaughlin
+ Nanette Lepore
+ Moulinette Soeurs / Maeve (Anthro brands)
+ Lululemon
+ "casual dress"
+ "silk sleeveless"
+ "maxi dress"

Okay, and I have to wait to make my Nordstrom sale purchases until the 21st since I'm not a cardholder (boo hoo) BUT I do have a few items on my wishlist: 1) a fall blouse, 2) new gym sneakers, and 3) a slimming sweater ... I've got my eye on one in particular already that's part of the sale. 

Want to become a cardholder? Check out the details HERE

Early access starts tomorrow (July 13). Then goes live to everyone July 21. Prices go back up August 7. You can find the catalog HERE to preview the sale and pick out what you want to pounce on.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends! (PS, bathroom reno update on my Instastories this morning!)


What's In Your ... Cart

I'm a member of a local womens' Facebook group here in Charlotte and there is one topic today that is just explodddding and it's a list of the snags that people are getting on Amazon Prime day. This means that thousands of items are deeply, deeply discounted on a revolving basis for 30 total hours.

** EDIT: Someone mentioned you can use code 10PRIMEDAY for an additional $20 off of PrimeNow items! 

I have my eye on a few items but would also love to see in the comments what you have purchased or what you have your eye on.

Note: All photos are clickable/shoppable for ease since I know many of you reading are on mobile devices. The links below are affiliate links which costs you no more but is Amazon's way of saying "Yo April, thanks for sending 'em my way. Here's a buck." And I do appreciate that!

Image result for amazon prime day

Dymo 4XL Label Maker: HERE
This thermal label printer is perfect for my Etsy shop and LipSense shipments. This means that instead of running to a computer in Ian's office each time to print out mailing labels, then cutting them down to size, then repeating this process a gajillion times daily, this nifty little contraption can just print out the perfect-sized adhesive label in seconds. A lot of people who do what I do own one, but it's so "spency." Well, I'm keeping an eye on this sucker today and will not hesitate to purchase if the price drops. 

Children's Nap Timer: HERE
This nap timer is ridiculously cute and is drastically reduced to $13, down from $40. It has good reviews and would be a great way for you to enforce great naptimes and quiet times in a fun way. 

ANTEQI Carton Night Light Silicone Remote Timer Cute Cat Lamp Tap Control Lamp For Kids Bedroom Nursery Baby [Wireless Remote Timer, USB Charge, Warm & White Light, 9 Color Breathing]

Echo Dot: HERE
I'd love to purchase our first one. Location? We'd keep it in the kitchen near the Keurig. I'd love to say "Alexa, what's the weather today?" or "Alexa, add trashbags to my cart" or whatever people do. Probably it would just be a lot of Camille saying "ALEXA PLAY FROZEN SOUNDTRACK"

Ring Doorbell: HERE
Ian really wanted one of these but we settled instead on a $20 wireless one. We bought it around the holidays and it came with like 60 different ringtones so of course (cheesy me) I chose "We Wish You A Merry Christmas." Well goshdarnit I cannot for the life of me change it back to a standard doorbell ringing sound. Ian took it down after getting so sick of hearing Christmas doorbell sounds so we currently have no doorbell. The Ring doorbell deal is about 35% claimed so far for Prime Day and I'm thinking now's the time to just do it right. Does anyone have this -- would you recommend it?

Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Wiring Required), Works with Amazon Alexa

Essential Oil Diffuser: HERE
You know I'm loving mine (which looks really similar to this one, but is not on sale). This one is currently 60% off! What a steal. I paid a lot more for ours. I keep ours in our bedroom and add water and a few shakes of essential oils each night. Peppermint and eucalyptus is a nice, refreshing combo. 

Essential Oil Diffuser 300mL Anjou Aromatherapy Diffusers, Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier (Up to 8H Use, Mist Control, Waterless Auto Shut-Off, 4 Timer Settings, 7 Color LED Lights, Wood Grain, BPA-free)

Widgeon Boys Jacket: HERE
$28 for these currently, what a steal!
I can't find a girls' jacket on sale yet but these are such high quality and easy to put on.

Okay, GO.
What have you purchased so far? 
What are the deals I need to know about? 
Comment below!
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