Cinco Preguntitas. Five Questions.

This morning I answered five questions in a Facebook team page I'm part of for LipSense, and as I was typing out these answers, I thought, "heyyyy ... how fun to share this on the blog!"

So, hopefully you agree. :)
Will you share your responses in the comments section?! I'd love to hear a little about you!


1. Where do you live?
Charlotte, NC -- originally from Columbia, SC

2. If married, how long and where did you + your spouse meet?
Married 7 years this May, together 10 years. We met at a bar ... it was a set-up by friends (that I wasn't aware of)

3. If you have kids, how many and how old?
Our daughters Camille (3.5) and Charlotte (1.5) and baby boy due in June!

4. Favorite trip you've ever taken?
In 2013 -- pre-kids -- we took two weeks and went to Paris, Switzerland and Italy. Amazing. Paris was my favorite. I'm also a huuuuuuge fan of Mexico!

5. Favorite meal?
Gimme all the Southern. Fried chicken, really cheesy mac & cheese, green beans, and lemon meringue pie for dessert. And banana pudding too. Sweet tea. Gah, I'm pregnant.

Your turn!


Weekend FUN (And Where's The Carolina Snow?!)

Hello from UN-snowy Charlotte, NC! We are "supposed" to get snow today; about that we will see. My refrigerator looks like a college kid's (lots of cheese, some lemonade, yogurt tubes and beer -- O'Douls Amber for moi, if you must know). I'm planning on taking the girls to the grocery store this morning to load up on the essentials -- tomato soup and bread for our grilled cheese sammies.

This weekend was GOOD but it was also TIRING. I was a single mama for the long weekend! Props to all of you who parent solo (or have a traveling spouse).

Ian went on a work trip to Colorado and skiied his heart out! It was awesome for him.

Friday night I had a babysitter and was able to attend the Emily Ley book signing! I had her two books Grace Not Perfection and A Simplified Life signed by her and we chatted for a few minutes. What a sweet person she is! I can't imagine doing the city-to-city book signing she scheduled; rockstar status. I know it's got to be exhausting but she had a permanent smile and lots of energy.

top: Lilly Pulitzer // cardi: BCBG (super old) // jeans: Old Navy // Booties: Target

I did have a little bit of time to kill before the signing so I walked around the mall for a bit and looked at some tops to transition me into spring. The junior's department at Nordstrom is no hidden secret but it's definitely my favorite way to shop for Nordstrom quality and Nordstrom customer service, but lower prices.

Double Peplum Ruffle Tee
(wearing a medium to be long enough for belly)

So hubby's sending me photos like this:

And I'm responding with pictures like this one (cleaning up from lunch). I'm sure he was jealous. 

But we girls had a really good time. We let go of the mess...

... and we had FUN!

We spent a good amount of time at home for ease, but also had some outings and the girls enjoyed a proper Waffle House breakfast. 

I secretly love weekends like this; my husband (who works SO hard for our family) got some great time to do something he really loves, and I was able to hunker down with the girls and have a very sweet low-key weekend.

But man, I am definitely scheduling a looooooooooong manicure and Marshalls shopping trip for myself THIS weekend ;) And he knows I've deserved it!

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Five On Friday! Earrings, Girls Night, Lunchboxes

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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I posted on Instagram about these amaaaazing earrings that I bought and am just loving! Our family friend Misty has teamed up with a girlfriend to create lovely jewelry with a true MISSION behind it -- the abolishment of human trafficking. One third of all proceeds go to this mission.

The earrings are made with gold-filled hooks and the leather is such high quality. Best of all, they are completely lightweight -- you will forget you're even wearing them.

You can find them on Instagram and make purchases directly off of their Insta page which is so very easy. Cheers to ladies who are doing it RIGHT.

Tenfold Collective: HERE

Gals, I found the neatest coffee foam topping yesterday at Homegoods for less than $5. It's sugar free and calorie free and it was a total impulse purchase! They had French Vanilla and Salted Caramel and I went with the latter.

This foam topping is LEGIT. You just add a few pumps to the top of your coffee and it's just like you've got a S'bux latte right in your own kitchen! Ian even tried it this morning and was amazed at this fun little product. I highly recommend hunting one down at your Homegoods or similar store! 

Tonight I'm going to the Emily Ley book signing at Swoozies! I'm so excited to have a great girly night. I think she does a great job at rounding up some of the keystones of organization that we already know -- and just seem to (inconveniently) forget. Reading her advice sometimes, I'm thinking -- that's obviously a great point, and why am I not practicing it already?

Search #SIMPLICITYCHALLENGE2018 on Instagram to see what I'm talking about!

Image result for emily ley

Yesterday on Instastories I talked a little bit about Camille's lunchbox. Sometimes I do an awesome job packing them and sometimes ... not. I had so many questions about the lunchbox we have -- it's Yumbox. You can find them on Amazon, and they are not the cheapest, but they are STURDY. And when you're asking a three year old to cart something around 3 times a week that may hold goopy contents (yogurt, applesauce, dipping sauces, et cetera), that's important! Plus, it's very easy for her to open and close herself.

Would you be interested in seeing more toddler lunchbox posts? Again, I'm not Pinterest mom when it comes to lunchbox packing, but I may have some ideas to pass along.

I'm so excited that some of you have taken advantage of the NEW CUSTOMER PROMO for Grove Collaborative! It ends Sunday.

Again, all you have to do is add $20 to your cart (of household and cleaning products you need anyway, like hand soap, laundry detergent, dish detergent, even baby wipes) and then you get the following for completely FREE:
  • Grove Collaborative Cleaning Concentrates (3 pack) 
  • Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle 
  • Grove Collaborative Microfiber (2 pack) 
  • Grove Collaborative Cleaning Caddy
The glass spray bottle and the microfiber cloth would be my two favorites. You can see them in the photo below.

So, CLICK HERE to get started and check out my legit favorite way to stock up on delicious-smelling household cleaning products. Mobile readers can also click the photo below!


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


Resolution Time: On The Homefront (Cleaning VS Cleaning HELP)

I enacted part of my New Year's Resolution yesterday which was to bump up the frequency of our house cleaners. (can I get a slow clap for that one)

It may not seem like a lot, but we are doing every 3 weeks now instead of every 4 weeks. This was a goal of mine (it also means I am keeping my LipSense business hustle going, because that's how I pay for our house cleaning) and I made it a TRUE resolution for 2018.

Having a cleaning team every so often certainly doesn't mean that I am some slacker SAHM who doesn't lift a finger. Quite the contrary. I bust my buns on the daily to keep the house tidy and try to stay one step ahead of two little tornadoes who can clear a toy bin faster than you say say "HALP." But to me, a cleaning team means the following: 1) a deeeeeep cleaning of the floors. 2) a deeeeep cleaning of the bathrooms including a full shower scrub-down. 3) baseboards and tall windows and under furniture, oh my! And lots of other areas of my home that I probably don't even realize are needing help, and Lisa just does it. 

Yesterday I was chatting with Lisa about the cleaning materials of mine that she uses. She said that she prefers the more plant-based products we use because they do a superb job cutting through grime and even require a little less scrubbing on her part. Plus they aren't as harsh on her skin and nose!

You already know that Grove Collaborative is my go-to home delivery service for my cleaning products. If you, too, want to give them a shot, you picked a great time because they're running a NEW PROMO that is open through this coming Sunday.

NEW CUSTOMERS can click right here to get started. Here's what you'll receive with your first $20 order:

  • Grove Collaborative Cleaning Concentrates (3 pack) 
  • Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle 
  • Grove Collaborative Microfiber (2 pack) 
  • Grove Collaborative Cleaning Caddy
The spray bottle is a MUST. I keep ours in the laundry room and it contains a mixture of water and blue Dawn. It's my (not-so) secret laundry stain remover spray! I love that it's a glass bottle. 

And EXISTING CUSTOMERS, they're showing you love, too. Click right here to get my favorite disposable sponges (the walnut scrubber sponges) dropped in your cart as a little free gift. 

This promo runs only through SUNDAY, January 14! Go ahead and check out the promo and all of the amazing product lines that Groves carries. I love this delivery service because I get the BEST products at GREAT prices, and I don't have to schlep the girls around to Target to grab huge packs of paper towels and toilet paper and detergent any more. Plus, changing or delaying your monthly order is so, so simple. 

Happy (and cleaner!) 2018!


Monday Musings

Good Monday afternoon, y'all! I hope your week is off to a great start.

Image result for monday quote graphic

It's dreary, cold, and did I mention cold? But I have THIS delicious smelling candle going and that is making me a wee bit happier.

Main Image - Voluspa 'Maison Blanc - Macaron' 2-Wick Candle

We had a really nice weekend, just low-key and family oriented. Friday night we ordered in pepperoni/black olive pizza and watched a special on Waco. I was falling asleep (standard) and ended up heading to bed shortly thereafter. Saturday night Ian and I had plans with some friends -- we went to the bowling alley (only to find out that there was a 2.5 hour to wait to bowl ... whoops) and then walked across the street for some bar food. Buffalo chicken wrap for the win! I've been loving some spicy food!

Yesterday I was getting ready for the day and Ian was upstairs with the girls watching Moana. Look at this photo he texted me from the playroom. He said Char had been sitting like this for fifteen minutes.

She's doing so much better with her eye patch to strengthen her weaker eye. We are wearing it 1-2 hours daily.

This week I have Bunco with the girlfriends! So very excited for some girl time. We will be at my girlfriend Anni's house and she recently completed a kitchen reno that I can't wait to see.

Baby Boy is doing awesome! I'm 18 weeks today and had our big anatomy ultrasound this morning. Everything looked wonderful and the heartbeat was 142 bpm. It's still surreal to think that we are having a little boy! I truly am so excited to meet this little love.

That's it for today -- girls are up soon and I have a little more lip biz work to complete! Chat soon :)


Five On Friday ::: January 5

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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It's f-f-f-freezing here in the South, what the actual what! Two Christmases ago I was scrambling for a short-sleeved smocked Christmas dress for Camille to wear, and now I barely even want to leave the house! #hermitproblems

But I'm serious, I'm just putting this out there -- if we are going to have to deal with weather in the teens and twenties, then I want snow for my little snow angels!

Image result for baby it's cold outside

Bedtime has at least been amazing because of my new jammies. I asked for a pair from Target and Ian purchased THESE for me instead! The fabric is so comfortable and it's that sort of slinky, stretchy cotton that feels like your favorite old t-shirt (minus the holes). Nice job hubs.

Main Image - PJ Salvage Stretch Modal Pajamas & Eye Mask

On Wednesday night I had a nice little pizza date with some of my girlfriends at True Pizza. I had the hot oil pizza which is a pie with red sauce, lots of white cheese, and a nice big drizzle of a spicy hot oil on top. Divine. That plus good girl time is exactly what the doctor ordered!

I've been wanting a spiralizer and look at this amazing deal of the day from Amazon! This bad boy is originally almost $50 and it's on sale for a few more hours for $12! I read through way too many of the reviews and people are just raving about it. Time for me to pull the trigger!

Sorry for the bare belly, but Char started doing this the other day and Camille took a picture. It was after lunch on my birthday. I'm sure you may be thinking "Oh sure April, Camille just happened to take this sweet little photo, I'm sure this was staged for the blog" but ... REALLY ... it's as simple as Camille picking up my phone and snapping this moment. Which makes it way, way cooler. 


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!

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New Year ... Hey, Y'all!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We had a lovely Christmas (more on this later), and then I turned 26 on January 1st! Wait. No. I turned 36. Thirty six. Thirty six. Well, I do feel about 26 (most days) so maybe that's what counts?

For my birthday, my one standing wish is a nice family lunch out. And we did that at a spot we frequent on New Years Day, Village Tavern. I got the crabcake sandwich and sweet potato fries -- they are the best. Other than that, I like to lay low and just

Ian knows not to ask me about taking down Christmas decorations (that happens on the 2nd and 3rd) and it's always just a nice day for us to spend together as a family, sort of the last hurrah of the holidays!

I also had one other request this year which was lovely. At 7:30am, I kept my rear parked in bed and he went upstairs, got the girls up and freshened up, brought them downstairs, fed them breakfast after they gave me some birthday loving, brought me breakfast in bed on a tray, and I had an hour of pure bliss reading and responding to birthday texts before I came out to begin mom duty :)

He also surprised me in a BIG BIG way with new pajamas and my first ever pair of Louboutins ... this was an immense shock -- I've never asked for a pair or hinted around at anything! BUT he rocks and he said that I deserved a gorgeous pair of shoes that I would never in a million years buy for myself (that's the truth). He picked out this pair and I couldn't have selected a more gorgeous pair for myself. I immediately wore them to lunch (you can see them above). Shock of my LIFE. 

Okay friends, off to get ready to shop the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale which begins in less than 3 minutes! Hope to score some delightful goodies like a new pair of Palazzo Pants and an Elsa (I wear XS in both)!


Five On Friday: Christmas Is Almost Here!

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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How in the world is Christmas almost here? I seriously feel like I might have been carving a pumpkin yesterday. I am not convinced I've listened to nearly enough Michael Buble Christmas or stared at my tree ornaments long enough. This season truly passes in a blink!

One tradition I've done the past few years is a Christmas Eve donut picnic breakfast at the foot of the tree on a blanket with the girls. I'm glad Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year so Daddy can join us!

Image result for donut quote

Speaking of traditions, we loved our trip yesterday with friends to see the huge gingerbread house at the Ritz and then visit the singing bears in Founders Hall. We have done this since Camille was just a small baby, seven months old!

See this red dress? My mom made it for my sister Laura! Seeing Camille wear it yesterday was so very special and heartwarming! And it is "twirly" so it earned her wholehearted approval.

My shopping is done, and I just have a little more wrapping. I've even jotted down on my calendar what gifts the girls have wrapped under the tree and which ones might be coming down the chimney from a certain jolly ol' fellow. Of course I ran out of tulle ribbon (FOR SHAME) so I'm feeling a little grinchy about that and will likely end up at a craft store today.

Later this evening I hope we can drive around and admire some Christmas lights near our home!

Last but certainly not least, we finally got our pictures taken with Santa! YAY!


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!

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