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It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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HAPPY HAPPY First Day of Fall! The high here today in Charlotte is .... well, 87 degrees and sunny. No doubt the girls and I will be playing outside in the sun and NOT snuggled up in my plaid blanket scarf (please oh please let those still be in style this season because I love mine).

(I still wear Uggs too and don't you dare tell me they're out)

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One of my most requested blog posts is about dressing the girls. I'd say my style for them is 10% stylish and 90% practical, meaning that it's clothing that 1) is comfortable, 2) is easily washable, 3) was passed down for free to us, or 4) was purchased at a church consignment sale or resale shop.

The most compliments are on days when I dress them in MATCHING clothes! So cute. It also makes dressing them in the mornings so much easier.

Okay, so when I do purchase new clothes for them, my secret supply source for matching clothes is Zulily and SPECIFICALLY the Nanette brand. These clothes are cute and cotton-soft. Plus, with the drop-down menu for sizing, I can easily grab one in 2T and one in 4T (I like sizing up a little bit with this brand, plus there's a chance the clothes might fit again next fall).

Nanette just happens to be on sale now on Zulily and here are 4 little outfits that I picked out as my favorites!

I don't know if you saw my Snapchat yesterday with Charlotte cruising around on the Ybike, but WOW! She was so mobile (she's not walking yet so this is HUGE) and so independent and so PROUD. We gave this bike to Camille two Christmases ago, and she never really took to it, so it's been just sort of collecting dust in our garage. I decided on a whim to pull it out yesterday evening for Charrie and I had tears in my eyes because of how great it was for her! Ian was out of town but I sent him a long video and he was in shock and so, so proud!

The pediatrician said we will revisit her not walking yet at her 18 month checkup which is in about 3 weeks, so I'm really feeling a ton of pressure to do everything I can to reach this milestone before we have to seek third party therapy. 

Last Friday at the Nature Museum, I was talking to the other moms about our Aldi favorites (OMG IF THAT WASN'T THE MOST ADULTISH SENTENCE EVER). Ahem. Anyway!

We were saying that the one thing we didn't buy from Aldi was their beer because our hubbies drink the name brand stuff.

Well. Lo and behold. I was at Aldi on Monday and saw "Hop Lift" which is a not-so-subtle nod at one of Ian's favorite beers, Hop Drop & Roll. This one isn't as strong (6.2% vs 7.2%, in case you're curious), so that's good. I picked up a 4-pack for $6.99 and Ian was super impressed. He said he's been paying $12.99 for his 4-pack of Hop Drop.

Aldi IPAs for the win! This weekend we plan to do a blind taste taste and pick our favorite.

Happy Friday, you guys! I've got 2 minutes before Camille's clock turns green and I still need to jump in the shower REALLY fast and wash this charcoal mask off my face! Looking forward to a great weekend with a special birthday party to attend on Saturday and then a fun little adventure planned for Sunday with Camille!

XOXO and would love to hear from any moms with late walkers :) 


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Outdoor Beautification Plans ... And Do You Have Tips?

It's not that we are running out of improvements to make on the inside of the house (because trust me, we have lots of work to do still!) but we are starting to turn our attention outdoors ... which is a lot of fun! The temps are moving from "sweltering" to "not as sweltering" here in Charlotte and I have to say that I actually kind of like beautifying the yard when I don't have to worry about a sunburn in five minutes.

We had our lawn-moving service guy over to quote us on removing the existing plants in the beds and that quote was $700 ... um, yeahhhhhNO. I know my frugality halts me sometimes, but seven-hunny just to clean slate our beds? I just think that's extraordinarily high. There are 9 plants there of varying sizes but nothing crazy huge.

So tell me here if I'm being cheap or smart(ish). Ian wants to rip everything out and start anew but I'm just thinking we can plant more boxwoods and other trees of varying heights around what's there and end up with something pretty. A smorgasbord of plants that all sort of work together. More color like azaleas and camellias ... making sure to layer the plants for visual interest and add in some evergreens and colors.

Here are some of the inspiration photos I found on Pinterest. I would also love to know what plants have worked out really well for you!

Love all the boxwood with florals combos. Janice Parker Landscape Design - IDA Award Winner  Ferrill Bancroft via Urban Farmgirl onto Garden and Landscaping


Large green leaves with chartreuse margins adorn the Abiqua Moonbeam Hosta, which is a sport of August Moon Hosta. Great for shady borders as well as container plants. Hosta are easy to grow and add a burst of color to shady spots! Thsi variety is more sun tolerant than a lot of other Hosta varieties.

In case you are thinking about redoing your yard to help it become maintenance-free, then this short article is for you. When you think about designing your front yard, it is possible to even seek the help of professionals. So… Continue Reading →

Garden and Patio, Various Plants And Colorful Flower Plants Around House Landscaping Front Yard With Green Grass And Stone Ideas ~ Plants For Landscaping

Shade Perennial Flower Bed | Aruncus Aethusifolius at either side of the Aucuba Variegata, the ...


From Internet Friends to Real-Life Friends

Justine and I "met" a few years ago -- Camille was only a few months old. We were connected by our blogs, and she first reached out to me with an email. 

Writing this blog for seven-ish years now, it's so interesting seeing how my circle of friends has been impacted by this little corner of the internet. Some of my very, very best friends now are ones that started off with an email. Soooo twenty-first century of us. 

I love Justine so much that I will even post this photo of us where I look dog-tired. We'd stayed up chatting in the den with our husbands until after midnight and I hadn't yet showered yet that morning. Woof. 

So, let's rewind a little bit. 

My family rolled into town on Saturday afternoon at lunchtime and I sort of had to remind myself that I'd never actually met her. We've emailed, texted, and chatted on the phone, but that's it. But it just felt so natural!

Our kiddos (her 5 and my 2) hit it off right away, having pizza together, playing, and getting to know each other. 

The littlest ones took an afternoon nap, and afterwards, we took the clan to the park. It was one of the greatest parks I've been to in a long time! 

The husbands were at a football game this whole time, I should add! It's so wonderful when friendships are such a natural fit between the wives AND the husbands.

Later that evening after dinner and some trampoline time, we took the children back out for Pelican's sno-balls. Look at the littlest babies in this pic! So adorable!

Camille had her first sleepover that evening in the playroom! I was shocked that she laid down and slept in her sleeping bag the entire night ... goooo Camille! The advantage of having older girls to learn from and look up to. :) 

Her face looks a little pained in this photo (haha) but she had the time of her life. 

So, as we drove away the next morning, we were already planning out the next time we will get together. Friendships like this ... they don't happen every day!


Pinkness And Blueness

Monday, Monday ... beating the Monday blues with a funny little life quip for you today.

So, Camille has turned into quite the literal namer when it comes to babies and dolls. We have Pink Baby, Brown Baby, you get the drift. It's cute.

Well, recently she received two little play mermaids from my mother-in-law -- one with a hot pink tail and hot pink hair, one with electric blue hair and the matching blue tail. 

My MIL Marsha said "So Camille, have you thought of a name yet for your pink mermaid?"

And with zero hesitation she yelled out "PINKNESSSSS!" except the "k" sound was really, really silent. Really silent.

My head and my MIL's head whipped right around and our eyes were the size of saucers, and then finally Camille said "... and this other one is named BLUENESS." 

Whew. Whew, whew, whew.
Pinkness and Blueness. 

And then about a week later a girlfriend was over and the exact same scenario happened, and luckily then I was able to explain immediately that it was NOT a male anatomy reference. 

These little ones, they keep us on our toes -- am I right?

So, coffee cups up, cheers to a great week, and Happy Monday y'all!


Friday! Fall Outfit, Fall Lip Color

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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Thanks for all of the love on Instagram with my outfit for movie night. I really love that top. Size down, guys, but it's so cute over leggings. This duo was perfect for snuggling in a dark theater for a mid-week movie night date.

Ian and I started off with sushi and then went to watch It (guess whose choice that was). My husband lovvvves horror flicks. I do have to say that it was spooky and creepy but not really disgusting/gory. I can't do disgusting/gory. I don't like to see things that I can't unsee -- know what I mean?

Outfit will be on repeat this fall! On repeat! (that sort of sounds like a fashion blogger)

I've been uber busy this week with getting Panthers bows out to local mamas. These bows are fun to make for me and they are also a great way for me to get a little fall shopping money. I advertise these on a local FB moms group here, but if I have any left over I will post them on Instagram! You can find us HERE.

Okay, so we may have inherited leaky pipes and gobs of brass fixtures with our house, BUT we also inherited some absolutely stunning hydrangeas and gardenias. Anytime you see these lovely violet hydrangeas in my kitchen, they have been cut from our side yard. We really hit the floral jackpot with these lovely plants! 

Short hair updo ... check this gorgeous style out! We don't have any really chi-chi events coming up soon, but I could even see a more casual version of this hairdo at a girls night out or on a date night. Or just to conceal unwashed hair, ha!


This week I tried out the rose gold lip trend that's making the rounds. I love how it turned out! If you have a peachy-pink color and a shimmery beige, just layer them for this look.  

Okay, off to breakfast with the kiddos and then the Nature Museum! Happy Friday to you all!


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


Grab Your PSL

I was talking to my girlfriend Audrey the other day and she had no idea what ThredUp was, and I was like WUT. GIRL. Get on it. 

If you like saving a buck like me, it's the greatest place to scout out pre-owned clothes and accessories for a fraction of the original cost. And if your item doesn't fit, you can return it for free for store credit.

So this morning I'm coming to you to show a little sampling of my favorite items on their site in four sizes -- XS, S, M, and L. The prices are all so, so good, and it's a great way to beef up your transitional/fall wardrobe without breaking the bank.

(New customers: you may use this referral code for $10 off your first order)

+ + + + +

Okay, so for all of you XS ladies, here are six faves!

I just love that floral feminine top from Anthro! And at less than $12!

Moving on to the smalls, please someone snag that sequin cardi because I just can imagine how smart it would look over a white button-up and flare jeans. 

My medium gals ... a ruffle blouse is something I just can't quit. And I read once that the peachy pink color in that BR blouse is one of those universally flattering colors that works with all skintones and hair colors. 

And for those in large, the gingham button-down is so precious! Imagine it tucked into a pencil skirt with heels or with white cut-offs. So transitional. And the $11 animal print blouse, love so much!

So happy shopping and let's all raise a tall Pumpkin Spice Latte to the onset of fall (which is next Friday the 22nd, if you're curious)!


A Completely, Completely Solo Weekend

This past weekend was definitely an odd one in the sense that Ian took the girls up to the mountainhouse and I was here in Charlotte

The entire weekend! 

When I told him I had an out of town, all-day training on Saturday, he figured that he may as well take them to Boone (where his mom is) and do all sorts of fun mountain-related activities up there with them while simultaneously having a second set of helping hands. Which I totally get. Wrangling the gals solo is not the easiest!

They did have a great weekend together, but what I really want to focus on is HOW RELAXING it was to have a solo weekend here!

Friday afternoon, once they'd left, I started out by making a trip to Hobby Lobby and I just walked up and down each aisle and didn't worry about any glass candle holders getting knocked off of shelves. Then I made my way to a new-to-me nail salon for a gel manicure refresh and my best girlfriend Sarah joined me. We had the most delicious sushi afterwards (Sushiya has become a recent favorite ... it's in a strip mall and definitely not hoity-toity but MAN it's good!). 

That night I made some hairbows and talked on the phone to another girlfriend, finally turning out the lights around 11.

Saturday morning I was up at 6 and I drove to Greensboro for some training for LipSense. It was AWESOME and so much fun, and I sat at a table with some really sweet girls.

Rolling back into town that evening, I grabbed takeout from Yafo which is really delicious middle-eastern cuisine and brought it home, enjoyed it with a cold glass of rose, man oh man what an easy night!

Sunday morning was my morning to just jump into tasks. I replaced our pitted, old-as-dirt brass doorknob and lock that leads out do our screened porch. Did it all by myself! It took a little longer than it probably should, but I was proud that I got it done. I worked on some paintings for our den, did two loads of laundry, washed our bedsheets and the girls' bedsheets as well, mopped and vaccumed, I was on a ROLL!

But as wonderful as it was to be so productive, I do have to say that seeing my family cruise back into town at lunchtime was the best feeling ever. Life is certainly crazier when the attention goes to a 3-year old and 1-year old (and sometimes the 38-year old hubby too, haha!) and my needs definitely come last, but that's alright with me. The house had been way too quiet the past two nights, anyways. :)


It's Friday ... FIVE on FRIDAY!

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

Remember, all you have to do is post about five things on your mind, add our logo (found at the bottom of this post), and join the party using the linky tools below. Easy, and a great way to find new blogs and be found. :)

Happy Friday, everyone! I know many of you (or your loved ones) are being impacted by the big storms heading our way.

I remember when Hurricane Hugo hit in 1989 ... I was 7 years old. It was a Category 4 storm and hit the South Carolina coast really hard. My parents told us at supper the next day that Charleston, SC had been destroyed by the storm, and imagine their surprise when their oldest daughter, ME, spontaneously burst out in hot tears and was crying at the dinner table! Even then I knew that Charleston is just heaven on earth and I could not stand thinking that it had withstood such harm.

I know Florida will be hit so hard and we will certainly be tracking it as its path develops. Stay safe everyone!

Last night Ian was out with some buds and I marginally survived solo bath-time -- pretty sure it ended in my drill sergeant voice. But once the girls were down I treated myself to DOOR DASH (restaurant to doorstep delivery service) and ordered some Viva Chicken which made everything all right again. If you haven't had their Peruvian corn salad (bottom left of pic below, but that's probably pretty obvious), it is soooo delicious.

I was so head-over-heels about this cold corn/tomato/edamame salad that I did some intense studying a.k.a. Google search, and found out it's called Solterito and you can find the easy recipe HERE from Pamela Salzman.

Not sure if Door Dash in your area? CLICK HERE to see, and this referral code will also earn you $7 off your order. Bam. 

I saw the cutest girl the other day wearing this tie-front top and just had to ask her about it! It's currently on big sale for just over $30 and now that I'm moving away from sleeveless tops, it's the perfect shirt to transition to cooler temps. Now I just have to decide between stripes or solid. What's your vote?

Charlotte NC is basically out of bottled water which makes me 1) proud that people are prepping for potential storm-related water issues, but 2) hopeful that they are relying on other sources as well for safe water. This weekend I'll be sanitizing one of our tubs and filling that with water. Also filling Yetis, water bottles, and that awesome mason jar water dispenser we got from our wedding registry.

I did purchase some non-perishables and hopefully we will not need to put too much of a dent in. Fingers crossed!

And if you don't already own some of these ... EVERYONE needs to have one!

I'm so excited for a little mama getaway this Saturday! I am Greensboro-bound for the day for a really fun day of training with LipSense. I will post some photos on Instastories. It may feel odd to be on a road trip with two empty car seats behind me, but I'm sort of excited about NOT listening to the Frozen soundtrack. 

Podcast recs ... and GO!

Looking forward to going and even the drive, just as long as I am with you! J&C <3


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!

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