A Fabulous Read

As we approach the holidays, I'll share with you a fabulous book that I read this summer.  I think there is nothing more special than gifting a wonderful book to a loved one. 

This book was a random one that I picked up on a trip to the bookstore with Ian.  I was about to leave for a week's vacation with my family and was hoping to pick something that I could throw in my straw bag along with my sunscreen, camera, and wedding magazines to take to the pool. 

I ended up being wildly engrossed in this amazing book and skipping out on social moments (like hanging out with my sisters on the side of the pool and chatting) due to this incredible novel.  Sorry sisters, I'll try to bring a less gripping read next time!  :)

Add this to your Christmas wishlist immediately and don't look back.


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  1. I read Little Bee this past Summer too. I couldn't put it down - I just wanted to know what happened with everyone. And, the way it was written was just amazing. Kind of gives me the chills just thinking about it...


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