Gift To Myself

Today I bit the bullet and bought a new camera!  I stuck with a point-and-shoot but I did get a nice one (Canon).  I did a lot of research online with Consumer Reports and user reviews, and I decided to spend a little more dough in order to get a great camera that will see us through our wedding, honeymoon, and first several years of our lives together. (Unless I drop it off of a golf cart again)

I snapped this quick picture of Drake today in my craft room.  Drake was Ian's dog and I was so nervous about meeting him.  I was bit by a dog as a child and never really allowed myself to connect to dogs after that incident.  But without a shadow of a doubt, I have completely fallen in love with this sweet thing.  And I think he loves me too.  Ask my family -- they know I'm certifiably nutty about him.  How could you not adore this sweet face?!

{Yawn.  I'm tired from sleeping all day.}

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