My 2010 In Review

This has been a fabulous year.  I mean truly, I have been surrounded by good people and have had the most fun experiences and travels.  Here's a month-by-month look at some of my adventures.

{January} Ashley's bachelorette in Las Vegas

{February} With great friends in Folly Beach, SC for Folly Gras

{March} Carolina Cup horse races in Camden, SC

{April} Out in Columbia for Dad's birthday, before I moved from Charlotte

{May} WE GOT ENGAGED!!!!  Whoo hoo!!!!!

{June} In Wilmington, NC for a friend's wedding

{July} Fun family vacay to Cancun, Mexico

{August} Gorgeous engagement party in the mountains

{September} Trip to visit Ian's mom in Murrells Inlet, SC

{October} Weekend trip to Ian's family mountainhouse in Boone, NC

{November} With my fellow "Recessionistas" at Amanda's baby shower in Charlotte, NC

{December} Ashley engagement party in Greensboro, NC
Here's hoping that 2011 brings as many fun adventures as this past year did.  Tonight Ian and I are going out with my parents for tapas, adult beverages, and the hoopla that comes with ringing in the new year!

I love it when the clock strikes 12 and everyone goes crazy -- and at that very moment it will then be my......
29th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!


  1. I read your comment on another blog and I'm here to say:

    Please, please, please do not text and drive. Your life looks like it's going all over happy and so worth living. Get a bluetooth, listen to Pandora radio.

    You are way too beautiful to let an 'LOL' end it all. I'm pretty sure there would be someone feeling very guilty at the other end of the line if it all came crashing in because you were reading their text or sending them one.

    So hear my little voice the next time you think about doing it. Please. Please wait. If it is important it will keep.

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