The Perfect Bow

Okay, I admit it.  I own a Bowdabra.  Friends and family give me grief over this, but I am a proud owner of this wonderful bow-making contraption!

Let's take a look at how I use my BFF (Bowdabra friend forever) to make a great-looking bow.

Assemble your parts (Bowdabra "contraption" and supplied wire, French wire ribbon, scissors).  I got the French wire ribbon at Michael's last year during the 80% off sale after the holidays.  It was reduced from $9.99 to only $2 -- the only way to shop in my book.

Cut a piece of wire (about 16 or so inches), double it, and put it long-ways between the two slats of the Bowdabra.

Lay your ribbon face-down in the short side and push down to the very bottom.

Create the size loop you'd like and twist the bow around at the center so that your ribbon is now face-down again.

Continue creating loops, twisting in the middle to always keep the right side up.

Use the provided plastic piece to push down the center of the bow.

Remove the bow by lifting out.  Take two loose ends of the wire and pull them through the loop tightly.

Wrap the wire ends separately around the center of the bow again and tie in a tight, secure knot.

Start poofing out the bow and bringing around the loops to make it a rounded shape (you can see the bottom part which has not yet been poofed).

If you want long tails, cut those to the desired length and use that same wire to secure in the middle of each cut length.  I wanted this to top the Christmas tree, so I cut two long strands to create four tails to cascade down the tree.

Use remaining wire on the back to secure the bow.  I just simply tied this one around the top of my miniature faux tree!

Voila!  What do you think?

You can find a Bowdabra online or at your local craft store.  I got mine at Michael's with the 40% off coupon. 

Check back in with me tomorrow to see more of my Christmas decorating!


  1. OK - I've never seen one of these before, but it looks amazing! Don't let anyone give you a hard time for owning one!!!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog!

  2. Oh Bowdabra. . . I am obsessed with you! :-) Might run to Michael's tonight! :-)

  3. Where was this approximately 14 days ago when I splurged on a "designer fabric" bow for my Christmas wreath? Intimidation of professional- looking bows, no more! I sure hope Santa makes Bowdabra's at the North Pole. I continue to enjoy your blog! xoxo- Kate

  4. Why in the world did my ID come up as "Dinner Club?" Very strange! Can you tell that this is my first time commenting on a person's blog?


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