Sweet Anniversary

Two years ago today, I went out with some girlfriends in Charlotte to hit up some holiday parties.  It was a Saturday night and we were ready to have some fun. 

Our girls night out - Annie, Moira, Jess & me

We ended our evening at a local bar - Dilworth Neighborhood Grill.  I saw a familiar face -- a guy I'd met the previous weekend but hadn't spoken much to.  I knew his name was Ian, but that's all I knew about him.  That night we started chatting and just couldn't stop.  At the end of the night he asked for my number, and we went out just a few nights later.  We were inseparable after that.  That was two years ago to the day, and we've used December 20th as our anniversary date since then.

First Anniversary - 12/20/09

Now here we are, gearing up for a new anniversary date to celebrate - our wedding date.  We'll be married in May.  I'm so very happy to be spending my life with this man!

Happy anniversary, hon.


  1. So fun, friend! :-) You will always remember the day you met, the day you were engaged, and of course your wedding date! :-) Don't worry, I celebrate ALL THREE!!!! :-) Love you!

  2. Awww, so sweet!! I'll be married this June - such exciting times ;)

  3. Awe so sweet :) Happy Anniversary!! xo


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