Weekend Wrap-Up - Part I

I had a truly great weekend.  After working my job from the Charlotte office on Friday, I checked in to a great uptown hotel and was joined by my girlfriend Kerry, who drove in from Greenville.  Earlier in the week we'd decided to have a girls' night complete with lots of Christmas shopping on Saturday.  
We started off the evening by doing our favorite thing: enjoying an adult beverage while getting all gussied up.  Lots of playing with makeup, trying on clothes for each other, and seeing how high we could get our hair!  Kerry brought us this to sip on:

Here we are at the hotel before walking to dinner.

We had some of the best sushi at dinner - we went to Enso, located in the Epicentre.

The next morning we stopped by Founder's Hall to see the bear orchestra singing Christmas carols.  It's just like being a kid again at Showbiz Pizza.  :)

And we got our Starbucks in the red holiday cups!  Too bad I couldn't keep my eyes open for the photo - eek.

After we both racked up with new heels & boots (and before heading to more stores, of course), we headed to Big Daddy's Burger Bar for a lunch of lettuce wrap burgers & sweet potato fries.

Look at this gorgeousness ... a burger with basil pesto, melted brie & kalamata olives on a lettuce wrap "bun"...

A little more shopping ensued & then we headed to Greensboro for our girlfriend Ashley's engagement party - pictures and details from that fabulous night to be shared soon!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

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