Weekend Wrap-Up - Part II

Our friend Ashley got engaged recently to a truly fantastic guy, Chase.  They met in graduate school and were friends for a few years before they began dating, and that friendship has made them into a great and strong pair -- the type of couple that is just so easy and fun to be around.

Kerry and I rode up to Greensboro together and had such a great time.  This is us with Ashley (center).

Ashley's sweet father giving a beautiful speech.

And the groom-to-be, who asked Ashley to come join him at the front.  He explained that he always does better with her by his side.  Too, too cute.

Girlfriends since college - I love these girls so much.

Congrats to the future Mr. & Mrs.!


  1. Awe so sweet :) And that tree is GORGEOUS. Holy Smokes!

  2. Aww so fun seeing you on here too! :) Ashley is too cute - great pics of all of you! You and Ian are presch by the way - I keep up with you on facebook! :)

    OMG, so I have to ask - how did you find me? I'm so excited you did but I also try to be incognito to work people! ;)


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