Ear to Ear.

Life is just really good right now.  Obviously we just got the news yesterday about our new home and we're thrilled for this new chapter in our life.  I feel like I've just been walking around with a big goofy grin on my face!  Even the smallest things are making me so very happy.  Like......

... sweet notes to come downstairs to find.
And yes, I am "Sweet Flea."  :)

... chai tea with creamy soy milk while checking emails.

... snowman pasta when there is snow on the ground
(in SC, so crazy!)

... yummy shrimp for dinner.  And that dang cute pink colander.

... my birthday roses in my birthday antique cup. 
Aaaaand a crazy good book on my nightstand.

... aloe face mask from our last trip to Chinatown in NYC.

Also, a note on that aloe mask?  It comes out of the package like a big thin white cloth saturated with aloe (which smells amazing).  It has eyeholes, nostril holes, and a mouth hole.  You situate it on your face and smooth out the air bubbles.  I was sitting upstairs in bed reading and wearing this contraption and IAN.CAME.UPSTAIRS.UNANNOUNCED.  I was trying to cover the hideous mask by holding the book over my face but I finally had to pull it down and show Ian.  He actually jumped back.  And then he said I looked like Michael Myers.  So learn from me ... wear this when the guy is actually OUT of the house. 

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  1. That is sooo funny! Love it!

    PS - left you an award on my blog! ;)


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