Farewell Dinner

I'm officially settled in Charlotte!  I haven't had too much time to blog but I'm excited about getting back to my normal routine.  Ian and I are staying with good friends while the closing process continues on the house.  Yesterday we ran several errands, including a trip to Trader Joe's (where I happened to run into the one and only Classic Annie and her sweet man Kevin). 

Leaving Columbia was bittersweet because my parents live there and have been wonderful to have around.  I also had a really fun group of girlfriends  and we'd get together from time to time to enjoy dinner and some wine.  Last Wednesday evening we met at Rosso for dinner.

Look at all those pretties!  Recognize Liz from Splendid Minta?  She's right there in the middle sitting down and looking oh-so-chic in her black ensemble and A. Liz Designs earrings!  (She even blogged about them here.)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and I'll share more house details as we continue to move forward with the closing.  Ciao!

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