Exploring Seattle

Yesterday after I finished working in Seattle, I ventured out to explore a bit.  My hotel shuttle driver dropped me off right in the heart of downtown at Pike Place Market.  It was a grey and dreary day, but I didn't mind one bit.  I mean, it's Seattle for goodness sakes!

Of course at the market there was a lot of great fish and seafood available.  If I lived locally, you better believe I would have picked up some of those beautiful big crabs.

There were lots of stands in the market with colorful produce.  The purple Peruvian potatoes also would have headed home in my grocery bag.  Probably some of those veggie chips too!

Fried chicken livers and chicken hearts?  No thanks!  I'll pass on those.  Kinda made me feel like I was back in the South again!

For lunch I headed right across the street to Beecher's, where I got a fantastic sandwich.  They come wrapped in thick white paper with a Beecher's sticker right on top.

My grilled sandwich had thick slices of smoked turkey along with tomato slices and lots of good cheese.  It was perfectly gooey. 

I sat on an old milk jug stool at a countertop and looked right through the glass to watch them making the cheese in front of me.  And yes, those are huge blocks of cheese in the foreground of the picture!

Their cheese selection in the store was just insane.

After checking out the market and having lunch, I headed to Nordstrom Rack.  I tried on lots of cute dresses and almost ended up taking a pretty and colorful Tory Burch blouse home with me, but at the last minute decided to pass on it.  I have a little bit of non-buyer's remorse today, not gonna lie.

And I ended the afternoon with some hot blackberry tea and lemon and vanilla bean macarons at a great French bakery, Le Panier.  This place is just wonderful.  I sat on a wooden stool looking out the front window to the goings-on at the market and just enjoyed the time to people watch.

So now my Portland adventure begins, and then Berkeley will get a visit on Thursday.  Friday is my day to travel back home.  While this has all been a lot of fun and a nice adventure, it will be so nice to have a low-key evening with the boy and the dog back in North Carolina. 


  1. Seattle just makes me think "Grey's Anatomy!!!" Glad you got some coffee! ;-)

  2. Seattle is such a cool city...great classic Seattle pics! Love 'em.

  3. i really wanna get to Seattle one day - 1 of the cities i never visited - and i WANT a Nordy rack by me!!!!!!

    new to ur blog - wanna be blog buddies?!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  4. Glad you got to check out a new part of the country! It is definitely fun to see different places but sometimes enough is enough....Friday will be here soon!

    I cannot wait until Nordstrom Rack opens here. One time I was in Philly, I got an amazing Trina Turk dress for under $100.

  5. I love Seattle! Hope you have fun in Portland! It was snowing this morning, now it's just raining :( Hopefully you still enjoy it!

  6. So glad that you enjoyed Seattle! I love living in WA, but I am a bit over the dreary skies. *COME ON SPRING!*

  7. this makes me want to go to seattle! Enjoy!

  8. I LOVE Seattle! So much fun there and it looks like you had quite the adventure! Yummy macarons :) xo

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