Hello from Rainy Seattle!

I'm here in Seattle and need to tell you to please walk, no - RUN (!) out and get your hands on Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen.  This book is amazing.  I was only a few dozen pages in before my plane flights yesterday, and I finished it completely on the flight.  Couldn't put it down.

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And I'm sure you already know, but it will be coming out soon as a film with an amazing cast - Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson ... think they'll have good chemistry? 

My vote is a resounding YES.
I liked this one almost as much -- if not equally -- as the book I posted about in this post.


  1. ok missy. . . ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH my gosh. . . could NOT put this book down. . . seriously, read it in 2 days. . . SOOOOO good! :-) ANDDDD cannot wait to go see the movie. . . :-)

  2. I've seen this a few times at the airport and in bookstores and did see the previews for the movie (looks magical!). But if the book is as great as you say I may have to pick it up and read it now :) Hope wedding plans are going fabulously girl xo

  3. I loved the book! Couldn't put it down either : )


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