E-Readers: Hold My Hand

Attention all Kindle and Nook owners: I need some hand-holding.

Kindle vs. Nook

It's time for me to purchase my first e-reader!  On my trip to Seattle last week, I sat on the plane by a Kindle owner.  By the time we reached our first connection in Phoenix, I was sold.  Here I was with my big wonderful book that I'd just finished (prompting me to need to find a bookstore for another read for the trip home) and I saw how easy and effortless her e-reader was.  Had I owned one, I would already have another book ready for me to begin -- without the added bulk.  I asked her a million questions and knew I needed one ... and quick!

Don't get me wrong; I'm an old-school reader.  I love the feel of a good heavy book, the smell of an old book, and the turning of the pages.  I won't ever stop buying books, checking them out from the library, or borrowing one from a girlfriend.  But I can see the definite advantages of owning a slim and sleek e-reader for plane flights and vacations.

So what do you suggest?  Do you have a preference for either one?  Any tech-savvy readers out there with definite advantages/disadvantages of either?  I need you to hold my hand and show me the way!


  1. I don't have either but would probably do the kindle. Not sure if there is an option other than Barnes and Noble for the nook but what if they went out of business?!

  2. I have an iPad but I did buy a Nook, use a Nook and return a Nook all in 1 day. I found it very slow. A lot of my friends and family have Kindles and they love them. Nooks have cuter cases though. I don't use my e-reader very much but I think that's because I'm pregnant or at least that's what I blame it on. My sister gave me a book to read and I love the feel of the book in my hands. I'm old school I guess.

  3. buy the Ipad! You can do so much more. Its about the same weight/size and there is an Ibook app as well as Kindle app so you can download books from amazon as well as Itunes store PLUS... games, email, facebook, galore! All that being said, my MIL has a kindle and loves it!

  4. I have the Nook - It's super easy and user-friendly.

    Of course, if you want it all - go with the Ipad, but if you are looking for a great ereader, I think the Nook is the way to go. It's really light (I carry it everyday), it has cheap book options, and a really long battery life.

    PLUS - Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathon Adler designed the greatest Nook covers!

  5. I have a Kindle and LOVE it! I bought it last September (after reading someone's blog--I was sold!) It's really convenient. I can buy just about anything on Amazon, and it automatically sends it to my Kindle. Plus, a lot of the classics are free, and if there's a new author/new book out, it's sometimes on $1-2 (then once you're hooked, the other books in the series are regular price). From what I understand, the Kindle also uses "electronic ink," so it's different from your typical computer screen. glare, which is nice : ) What I probably love most is that I have the Kindle app on my Blackberry, and if I read a little on my phone here and there, it automatically syncs it to my Kindle.

    I don't know much about the Nook, buy my Kindle is definitely one of my best purchases : ) Hope that helps!

    Reading anything good right now? I'm finishing "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."

  6. I have a Kindle and I really like it, but it freezes up when I have it connected to the cover, which is annoying since the cover has a light and I want to be able to use it...


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