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Valentines Day: love it or hate it?
Me -- I LOVE IT.

I'm such a gosh darn hopeless romantic.  To Ian's credit, he does a great job of realizing my needs & wants even though he's not as mushy by nature as I am.  We don't do gifts per se, but we always do cards.  Last night we went out to dinner at Lulu in Charlotte to celebrate, and we had a really tasty meal.  I fly out today for the West coast, so he'll probably celebrate V-day tonight with buffalo wings and various sports channels.  :)

This morning before he left for work, we traded Valentines cards.  He also had a card for me that Mom secretly slipped him when we saw her this weekend.  It was a perfect start to the morning.  Mom always mails me a Valentines Day card, and it hit me the other day that she doesn't know my present address (we're still staying with friends while we are waiting to find and close on a house).  I assumed at that point that I wouldn't be getting a card from her.  It was an awesome surprise when I realized she'd outsmarted me!

Ian's card was very sweet and mentioned that he can't wait to marry me this May.  Our wedding date is getting closer and closer!  Okay, all of you married folks -- lay it on me.  What's your secret for a blissful marriage?


  1. Hmm, I'm gonna say when he is driving you nuts remind yourself of all the reasons you love and married him. In our 9 months Married I think I've realized mostly that marriage is REAL meaning good, bad and ugly but thats the blissful thing...someone by your side no matter WHAT! Happy V-day :) xoxo

  2. hmm. . . grace. . . have fun together. . . pick your battles. . . be able to forgive. . . and love with all of your heart! :-) Love you friend!

  3. I think a strong marriage is about that committment that you make to each other that no matter what comes your way that there is no walking away. When you have that feeling of security you are so much more comfortable just being you. I couldn't even imagine being on the dating scene again, marriage is much much better!


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