My Bridesmaids Dress Selection

Back in December, I was at Anthropologie with my friend (and bridesmaid) Kerry.  And then -- cue the angelic choir -- we spotted the dress.  THE DRESS people.  Bridesmaids dress, that is!

It was important for me to have a dress that matched the antique/vintage style of our wedding but also wouldn't break the bank for my girls.  I wanted something stylish, pretty, and comfortable.  It had to look great on various body types and heights.  And it had to be unique!

Look at the ruffle detailing on the bottom hem:

That gorgeous heirloom-looking lace had me drooling.  And everything else was perfect: the boatneck is so classicly pretty, the grosgrain ribbon sash with rosettes, and the slightly longer hem in the back that will look perfect as the girls stand in line, facing us when we're being married.

Here's the dress on me.  I'm holding my hair up so you can see the pretty pleating that is on the back of the dress:

Isn't it just beautiful?  I'm so happy with this choice.


  1. April - these are stunning! Keep filling us in on your wedding details! :)

  2. Lucky bridesmaids! Those are classic.


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