Nectar Of The {Hair} Gods

Today I got on an elevator with three women (and one unlucky man, being subjected to this conversation).

I heard one of the women in the group say to someone "Wow, you have really great hair!"

There was a pause of silence until I spun around to see that she was SPEAKING TO ME!  (Insert incredulous look, hand flying up to my chest while I say "Who, me?")

This never happens.  I never get hair compliments.  Recently Annie left a comment on one of my posts complimenting my hair.  I was kinda flabbergasted but utterly happy.

This elevator lady said "Oh yes.  It's so voluminous.  I was cursed with baby fine hair."  Well gals, I was too.  And so I began a quick run-down to these ladies of my hair secret -- all I could fit in from the 4th floor to the 1st floor lobby, where we parted ways.

Here's the hair secret.  Aveda Volumizing Tonic.  My hairstylist in Columbia introduced me to this amazing spritz a few months back.  I spray it at my roots and mist the rest of my hair, and then blow dry quickly.  If you don't blow dry quickly, it'll get tacky.  Trust me.  But do a little of the lift-at-the-roots with a round brush trick up top and you'll have lots of Shania-style lift.  It truly is the nectar of the {hair} gods. 


  1. ok, that is HILARIOUS! and I think you are very VOLUPTUOUS hair! :-)

  2. I, too, love Volumizing Tonic - and anything else Aveda :) Have you tried Aveda Tea?! Amazing!



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