Our New House Progress

This is the post where I hoped to show you some inspiration pics for the new master bathroom and the paint swatches on the wall of the dining room.  Maybe even the funky girly wallpaper I wanted to use in the tiny half-bath. 

Unfortunately, last week Ian and I decided to walk away from the home that we were under contract for.  We had fears of this becoming our new life story:

Our original home inspection resulted in several "normal" issues such as weatherstripping to be replaced and chipped paint on the window sills (lead-based perhaps?) that needed to be stripped and redone.  Oh, and some stairstep cracking in the masonry work on the side of the home.  No big deal, right?

We called in a structural engineer to check this out and this "no big deal" ended up as a $15k price quote on foundation repairs.  The seller was unwilling to make the repairs and we were unwilling to sink that extra cost into a home that we'd already agreed upon a fair price for.  We also heard some pretty scary stories from friends whose homes had structural issues.  So, we walked.

It was a hard decision and I was sad to begin again at square one with our househunt.  Ian and I saw about 16 homes on Saturday and none were right.  Please wish us luck with our search, and know that I'll keep you posted.

Paint swatches and bathroom inspiration pics to come soon, I hope.  :)

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  1. Ahhh, probably the best decision even though it was the hardest one. What's meant to be will be and I have a feeling yall will find a presch house very soon. PS - I want this one - MLS 941928 but you can have it since yall are ready to buy now! :)


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