Best Couples Wedding Shower EVER.

Okay okay, I may be biased ... but I think we had the best couples wedding shower of all time this past Saturday night.

It was FUN.  Everyone got along so well.  We laughed, we danced, we made the gift opening the least awkward thing ever (because can't it be just so dang awkward?).  I'll show you how we pulled this off.

Let me start with the basics - our friends had a beautiful cake for us.  Pound cake with fondant.  And I love fondant!

Beautiful flower arrangements were all around the house and on the table was the shower invitation as well as a picture of us that our friend Meg took our first night back in Charlotte.  That awesome Queen City skyline in the background was something we missed terribly while away from Charlotte.

Food-wise, they went all out.  Barbeque, buns, biscuits, mac & cheese, slaw, devilled eggs, fruits & veggies, you name it - we had it.

Our hosts gave a toast and then we toasted them right back for such a lovely party.

The gals below are some of the first friends I made when I moved to Charlotte.  We all lived in the same apartment complex and immediately hit it off.

Here we are with our hosts of the shower.

Then it was gift time.  We snuck to the kitchen to take a Patron shot first.  :)

Obviously we loved it.

Gift time has arrived!  Don't you feel completely on display when you're opening your gifts?  Well, we turned it into a lot of fun....

"Hon can you pass me your pocket knife?"

So the trick is to TOTALLY ham it up and get everyone involved in the hamming-up action.  We had friends with a shower recently and we did the same thing.  Everyone gets in on the fun and never, NEVER have you seen anyone who can celebrate a martini shaker like us!

Aaaaaaaagggghhhh!!!!  It's a jigger!!!!!!

Everyone goes wild, and puppies are hoisted in the air!!!

Dancing around and holding gifts in the air is a must!

$100 gift card to Williams Sonoma?  Ian jumped right into Scotty's arms for that one!

Cheese markers ... someone knows me well.

Never have you seen anyone so excited about margarita mix!!!

And there you have it my friends.  We had people jumping, yelling, dancing with dogs, break dancing on the floor (not kidding).  It was the most fun gift opening you've ever seen!

Thank you to our friends for an absolutely lovely wedding shower ... we couldn't have had a better time!


  1. That is freaking hysterical! I hate the gift opening too!
    In fact we didn't do it at our bar/couples shower b/c it was mostly booze! HAHA! Looks like a fun group of people! WOOT!

  2. okayyyy I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all are TOOO funny! :-)

  3. Ya'll are sooooo cute!!! Defintely looked like a GREAT shower :)

  4. all your pictures are great... so awesome that your party went well.. and that last pictures is ADORABLE!!

  5. This post is AWESOME! You have no idea how much joy and lols that you brought me! And HELLO you look gorgeous! Great pics and you have some wonderful friends to throw such a fab party! Have a great day!

  6. These photos are great. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  7. Love it!!!!!! So glad yall had a wonderful time! :)

  8. I seriously laughed out loud reading this, that looks like SOOO much fun! :)

  9. I am so glad you had a good time! These pictures are really cute. The cake is so elegant.

  10. You look beautiful and so happy!

  11. This does look like a great couple's shower! Love your beautiful cake, and the puppies being hoisted in the air...congratulations!

  12. Looks like an amazing time!!!!

  13. This may be my fave post ever on your blog!! I love the photos and your captions. Looks like such a fun party!! Hurry up and get married so I can feature your wedding on Hey Gorg, Liz :) Wheee so soon!! xoxo

  14. How cute is that cake! Looks like you had so much fun! I love your blog and am your newest follower!


  15. Ahh! This looks like so much fun! Haha. Looks like everyone went a little bit crazy, but that's always the best times.

    It's always so awkward opening gifts when it's quiet and everyone is staring at you. I think Brians mom mentioned she would be throwing us a couples shower, so hopefully it's as fun as yours looks!


  16. You can totally tell you and Ian are such a hoot! I may have to save this idea for my showers this spring. ;)


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