Birthday Wishes & Weekend Recap

Happy 23rd birthday to my youngest sis LAURA!

Laura just recently started her own blog called The Reedy River Recessionista.  For those of you in and around Greenville SC, Laura is going to be posting about great deals to be had in the area.  Shopping, brunching, DIYing, she'll cover it all.  And now this gal is celebrating another birthday - happy bday Yaya!

So how was the weekend for you?  On Friday evening I ran by Trader Joe's on my way home so that Ian and I could whip up a gourmet pizza.  I tried their whole wheat pizza dough (good, but a little thick for our taste - we love thin crust pizza and with my rolling pin in storage, I couldn't get it flat enough!).  We topped this with pesto, mozzerella cheese, onions, capers, black olives, and thin slices of salami.  We watched The Fighter, and in true style, I started dozing off towards the end.  The movie was great, but after a long week I'm just whooped!

Saturday we were super productive -- cleaned the condo, got our honeymoon specifics ironed out, and shopped for (and BOUGHT!) our wedding bands.  Both of our bands suit us quite well.  Ian's is very rugged looking -- it has a hammered matte thick center which is flanked on either side with millgrain detailling.  My band has 3 small horizontal rows of pave diamonds that go halfway around.  Originally I thought I wanted an eternity band, but we'd like to have the rings engraved for each other, and so now we have the option to do so on my ring.

Saturday night our friends hosted for us a couples engagement shower that was SO. MUCH. FUN.  I have tons of pictures ready to share in tomorrow's post!  One sneak peak of us with our wonderful hosts:

And then Sunday I met up with some friends for brunch at Cantina 76 while Ian got together with a buddy at Whiskey Warehouse for lunch.  I spent my afternoon antiquing and then cooked a big pot of beef and vegetable soup for us for dinner last night.  All Ian and I could talk about was what a wonderful weekend we had.

PS - We are officially 2 MONTHS AWAY from getting maaaaarried!  May 28th can't come soon enough.  :)


  1. Happy late birthday Laura! haha. I hope you guys had a blast. A big pot of veggie soup sounds soooo good right now. Thanks so much for sharing love. xoxo

    don't forget to swing by to see 3 new post today on all things celebrity fashion.

  2. Awesome weekend! Even though the weather sucked!
    Homemade pizzas are one of our favorite things to make on Friday nights. We actually make our own dough now and it's not that hard.
    Check out this post:

    Also, we rented The Fighter last weekend and geez louise it was long! I thought it was just okay.
    Love couples showers! Hope you got some fun stuff.

  3. I've heard so many great reviews on The Fighter--I think we're going to have an Oscar movie marathon this weekend and watch all the ones we didn't see in theaters.

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