CSN Stores

Whoo-hoooooooo, you're looking at the winner of the most recent Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box giveaway!  I won a $20 gift certificate to CSN Stores, which I'm a huge fan of.  They encompass 200+ online stores, so the possibilities really are endless when it comes to shopping.  I'm currently perusing the options and will keep you posted with what I'm deciding on!

Elizabeth & her hubby, Nate

So, meet cute Elizabeth. If you haven't visited her blog yet, you're missing out on some great recipe inspiration!  Elizabeth and I met through our mutual friend Ashley.  During Ashley's wedding, Elizabeth and I (who were both bridesmaids) got to fall in love with Ashley's mother's San Antonio Chicken Salad.  It is absolutely delish, and Elizabeth posted the recipe on this post, so make sure to print it out and add it to your collection!

Thanks Elizabeth!  :D 


  1. YEA!!!! You were the perfect winner . . . especially with your talent for shopping! :-) Thanks for the sweet words. . . and I need to make that salad again. . . spring is coming and it is perfect salad weather! :-)

  2. aww that's so great for you to win! i've always wished I could win one of the give aways but hopefully my time will come soon! yay for shopping :) I'll def check out her blog! thanks for this hun! have a fabulous wednesday!


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