Drake Update

Drake's eye surgery was Friday morning, and he did very well!  He was able to forego the eye patch but is definitely rockin' the lampshade.  At least they've updated them to an oh-so-stylish clear version now!

Thanks to all for your thoughts, prayers & well wishes.  He is being pampered beyond belief with plenty of pet-pets, brushing sessions, treats, and trips outside.  His tail is wagging more than it was last night and he's regained his appetite and interest in bones!


  1. Sweet boy. . .Gus has had to wear the 'cone' before. . . he was VERY embarrassed! :-) Hope Drake feels better soon! :-)

  2. aww what a sweet picture :)

  3. Oh no poor Drake- the cone of shame lol. That's what we call it at our house. Hope he feels better soon! Love your blog!


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