How We Celebrated St. Patrick's Day

Hello and Happy St. Patty's Day from Burlington, Vermont!  I'm here for work and most likely won't be back in town  in time to take part in today's festivies.  (Fingers crossed for catching a standby flight.)

Ian and I celebrated on Saturday with a trip to the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte where they dyed the river GREEN.

Like, really really reallllllly GREEN!

Want a closer look?

Does it remind you of something Nickelodeon would do?!

They even had live music playing.  We grabbed a BBQ sandwich and a beer to share and tipped the band!

Happy St. Patty's to you!  How do you plan on celebrating?  Did you get pinched?


  1. Oh my gosh how fun! Ashley took us there when we were in charlotte! Hope u have a great st paddy's day!

  2. please, go to my blog:

  3. that is SO cool - i never heard of a whitewater park - i'm jealous - i need to make a trip there!!!!

  4. that looks so fun! I like going out there but Brad isn't a huge fan. Have you done rafting? I got a group together for my 31st birthday and did it. Super fun.
    I want to zipline now!

  5. How fun! I think we may try to go out there this weekend! Be safe in Vermont!


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