My Yummy Dinner & Girly Night

Last night was my final night of being solo since Ian was out of town.  While he was enjoying temps in the 70's/80's in Naples, Florida, I was having just as much fun doing all of the girliest things I could in our shared living space.

After returning home from work yesterday, I got to work on a special wedding-related craft project I'm working on (more details to come on this later).  Then I headed out for my FAVORITE workout class, Funky Fit.  I grew up taking ballet ... very structured, formal, feminine.  Don't get me wrong, I love ballet, but Funky Fit is about 180 degrees in the opposite direction -- and it's a blast.  In the 60-minute class, you  dance your tushie off to songs by Beyonce, Nelly, Pussycat Dolls, Black Eyed Peas ... even some throw-backs like Michael & Janet Jackson and the Temptations.  It's a hoot and also a fantastic sweat session.

My favorite thing to do after working out is to head to the nearby Earthfare to pick up some items from their cold prepared foods.  Here's my dinner last night:

This was my perfect meal.  Mediterranean, {somewhat} light, and fresh.  It was beautiful.  I watched my DVR'ed shows Bethenny Ever After and Real Housewives of Orange County and wore my favorite terrycloth pants.  Not the sexy ones, but the comfy ones.  I caught up on some blog reads and poured a second glass of wine.  And then added another splash for good measure.  And that baklava, I ate it in 3 bites.

I'm loving the fact that Ian is home now and I have someone to talk to and hang with and love on.  But man, it's fun being a girly girl, isn't it?


  1. Yes, I was a girly girl this weekend. Cheese/crackers and wine! I must have watched Housewives all day Sunday..
    Disappointed with the new season so far though.

  2. That sounds like so much fun. I always miss Husband but don't mind me time

  3. It sounds like an amazing stay-cation! I love having my bf(f) around all the time, but to indulge in a completely girly/alone weekend does sound incredibly luxurious - maybe I can convince him for an out of town boys weekend? Ha!

  4. That is EXACTLY what I need. But my hubs never travels. Not that I want him to. But the occassional evening with the house to myself is such a treat. Glad you made the most of yours :)


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