Power of Positive Thinking

Favor ... Can you send some good thoughts our way?
Drake's way, specifically?

Drake's beautiful eye ... with a little unwelcome growth on the top eyelid.

Our fur baby is getting surgery today on his eye.  In his older years he has developed some lumps and bumps, as some aging pets do.  This one in particular is on his top eyelid, and it's recent growth has started to bother Ian and me.  You can tell it's a little irritating to him because of some redness in his eye.  He is not rubbing the eye, so the vet isn't majorly concerned, but we're proactively taking the steps to have it removed to improve the quality of his sweet life.

Could you send some good thoughts Drake's way?  He's getting the surgery in the morning and will hopefully be home by the end of the workday to relax with us.  He'll be in a lampshade and an eye patch from what we understand.  One thing's for sure, though ... he'll be the most pampered pet on the block.


  1. Praying for sweet Drake! ;-) I know that it is SOOOO hard when our furry friends are hurting or doing something (like surgery) that they don't understand! :-( Can't wait to hear an update. . .

  2. so true girl! i'll be thinking of Drake today :) xo

  3. Praying for your sweet, furry child! I understand all about the love we have for our dogs. xoxo- Kate


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