Random Friday Musings.


1) Househunt continues today after work.  Blah. 

2) Worried that I am feeling blah about the househunt.  But wouldn't you after having to walk away from one house due to major foundation issues and then looking at close to 100 more houses and not being bowled over about any of them?  {not exaggerating}

3) Almost at 50 followers, and you know what that means ... automatic giveaway drawing for a pair of A. Liz Designs earrings!  Hi to all of my new followers!

4) Obessed with a new shampoo/conditioner/product combo that is so terribly amazing, it deserves a blog post of its own.  I'll let you know all about it next week.  Let's just say that I literally was standing in our work bathroom lightly jumping and watching my curls bounce in the mirror. 

5) The weekend plans are shaping up and looking good ... pictures of fun adventures to be had will come, I promise!

6) Wedding plans are going well minus a slightly out-of-touch planner.  Love her to death but this momma needs some COM-MUN-AHH-CATIONNNNNN!

7) Happy early birthday SLS!


  1. Hahaha Liz you're too cute :) I love number 6. xo

  2. I am right there with you on #1 and #2! We just had to walk away from a house I loved because of structural issues, and I am finding it hard to get back on the bandwagon :/

  3. Good luck on the house hunt. I can only imagine how exhausting it has been - hopefully it will end this weekend!

  4. I don't know who SLS is, but she sounds important and very attractive.


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