Vote On My Wedding Table Runners

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Okay ya'll, I need your help!
I'm needing to order some fabric that will be used for the following at our upcoming wedding:
  • Table runners on wedding dinner tables.  We are having 4 rows of long rectangular tables.
  • Throw pillows used in lounge area - white furniture
  • Backing to photobooth?  Waiting to hear from vendor to see if this is an option.
For the tables, the runners will be placed over grey linens.  Just the normal ones.  My planner showed me the fancy ones, but I just want that classic linen look -- especially since we're having a snazzy runner.

The wedding is taking place in an old mill building that is very rustic/urban looking on the inside.  Exposed beams and pipes, super high ceilings, chippy-paint walls.  My wedding will have a somewhat vintage feel to it but with a funky mix (i.e. the lounge area with modern white leather furniture).  So, think ECLECTIC.  What fabric would you choose, or would you do a combo of the two, and how would you map it out?

Please comment with your vote and input -- I could really use a hand here!


  1. I would do a combo of the two.. I def like the idea of having the Damascus one as the table runner.. and the other one as some throw pillows and backdrop for your photo booth.

  2. I agree with Carrie! I say the damask looking one as the rummer for sure (its a little dressier looking for dinner)and then the other one for throw pillows on the lounge furniture. They are a bit more modern which will go good with your modern furniture :) I picture gorgeousness!!

  3. I would also incorporate both. I was recently at a wedding in an older industrial space and the feminine details provided a truly beautiful balance!

  4. I definitely like the one on the right. But if your heart is set on both or torn, use the one on the left to accent it--pillows, napkins, etc.

  5. LOVE the damask print. It just screams April to me.

  6. well, i'm outnumbered, but i prefer the one on the left! but i also love the idea of using both!

  7. Tough choice, they're both great options! I'm leaning toward the damask, but I really like the idea of using both! Why not mix it up a little bit. I think that'd look funky and fun!

  8. I love the one on the right!

  9. Hi dear, I like the one on the right the best but I like the idea of using both.

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