Carolina Cup: A Day at the Races

This Saturday was the annual Carolina Cup in Camden, South Carolina.  On this day, revelers come from near and far to set up a fabulous tailgate spot, dine on cucumber sandwiches and devilled eggs, walk around and make friends, enjoy adult beverages, compare Lilly prints, OH! and maybe see a horse race or two.

Camden is about an hour and 45 minutes away from Charlotte, where Ian and I live.  We packed ourselves up in the car along with some beer, a bottle of champagne, and a lot of water and made our way to the track (just for the record: I drove, so I had a mimosa when we arrived but then just drank peach-flavored sparkling water with a splash of OJ in it for the rest of the day -- in a champagne glass, of course!).  We took all backroads to Camden and drove through some of the most adorable towns you've seen.  Once we got to the races and purchased our tickets, we made our way into the infield, where my family has a spot.  We had the BEST time.

Above: Me along with Laura and Mom.  I wore a J.Crew eyelet top (thanks Laura!), Lilly pants, and gold and brown platform shoes.

The studs we love.

Ian and I ... can you tell it was very windy on Saturday?

My precious dad and mom.

See?!  I saw horses!

Chatting with Mom and Dad

Laura and I

Visiting a family friend's spot with Ian on the South Rail

We made our way over to College Park, where fraternities bus down huge groups for a day of absolute debauchery. 

First thing we saw was someone getting arrested.  About 15 minutes later we witnessed another boy being handcuffed and leaving (sobbing) on the back of the cop's golf cart.  It wasn't a fun day for everyone.  :)

Mom and Dad found the USC KA tent that was blasting music and did a little shagging.

Mom, Laura and myself before Ian and I hit the road again for Charlotte.

We had the BEST DAY and can't wait again for Carolina Cup 2012!


  1. That looks like SO much fun! Love the outfits! (A Lilly just opened less than a mile from me.. I am in trouble!) But most of all, the weather loooks a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! :)

    In regards to other ongoing discussion, is no news good news?? or bad news?? You must fill me in!

  2. I've always wanted to go to that! Love your pants :)

  3. Oh you ladies just look FABULOUS! I am dying to attend Carolina Cup one of these years. I absolutely love the outfit you wore, you looked so pretty and comfortable too! Your hat is the perfect accessory as well :) Looks like an all around lovely day surrounded by family, friends and fantastic weather. Cheers!

  4. looks like yall had a great day and the perfect weather, too!!!

  5. I've always wanted to go to the Carolina Cup!!!! Love your hat and outfit, looks like yall had a lovely time.

  6. You look adorable!!! I am from Lexington, KY so of course I love horses and all events surrounding them. I have to get down there one year! Lookd like you all had a blast! Your parents are adorable btw.

  7. The Carolina Cup looks SO fun! I love the outfit you chose to wear - great pants and perfect for the event!

  8. so glad you had a fun time! i love that you changed it up a bit with the lilly pants rather than a sundress!

  9. Just found your blog through the Puttin' on the GRITS giveaway and I love you lilly pants!
    If you haven't already, check out my new blog Haymarket Designs Blog

  10. How cute are you in those pants!! I love the whole outfit! I am a bright colours girl :)

    I am glad you have a great time too!

  11. We are planning on attending the Cup this year. Can you tell me a little more about how the parking and stuff works. We haven't bought tickets yet and I'm a little confused.. Are y'all going again this year?


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