Our Roadtrip Adventure

On our way back from the Carolina Cup, Ian and I drove by an incredible old building somewhere between Camden and Lancaster, SC.  We immediately decided to turn the car around and go back and explore a little bit.

We parked the car next to a large yellow tractor and walked up to the porch, where Ian spotted a fully functional Toledo scale.  We weighed ourselves on it, and it was right on target!

The chipping paint on the side of the building reminds me of the walls in our wedding venue.

Ian took a peek inside to see exactly what sort of structure this was...

...and this is what you could see.  Some sort of mill!

It had this long chute to be used for transport from the inside to the outside.

And a ladder just begging to be climbed.

We tried to get inside, but every door was locked and the windows were sealed.

And then we got back in our car and continued our drive home, loving our spontaneous adventure.


  1. We'll be in Miami on Friday night also! Should be so fun. xoxo KAG

  2. Yall are so fun! I love it!

  3. oooh my goodness, i love places like these! so jealous you got to explore!


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