Fun Cheapie Finds

Ok gals, who doesn't love a fun cheapie find?  I've got some good ones for you today.

Now that we are decorating our new house, I stopped in to Kohl's to check out their latest ELLE home decor items.  It's a really fun line with some pretty awesome finds.  Don't know about them yet?  Here they are.

I didn't find anything there, but I couldn't stop thinking about something I saw when I first entered the store.

So I went back and I tried it on again.  And then I bought it.  Know what it is?

That hinge on the snake's head should be giving you a hint now....

It's a watch!  How cool is that?  I have a nice watch I wear every day but this will be a fun cheapie to switch out with.  How cheapie you ask?  $15.99.  Not too shabby!

My next cheapie find is a nail polish that I spied at Sally Beauty Supply.

This little sample-sized nail polish was only $0.99!  For a non-traditional color like this one, I don't want to drop $8 on Essie or OPI.  But for less than a buck?  I think I can embrace the trend.

What do you think of this great color?  What fun cheapie finds have you scored recently?


  1. Oh My Gosh!!! Love that polish :)
    I'm with you on the cheap polish find--I got THREE new colors the other day at Walgreens for 69 Cents each (!!!). And this past weekend, I had some really good coupons that I added to discounts at Gap and Old Navy! Got some great summer staples! Hope you've having a wonderful Wednesday! xo

  2. i love that watch!!!
    and even though this is an obvious cheapy: Forever21! Ive boycotted that store for a little while recently, but I went in there today and found some great, cheap stuff!!

  3. I love the color of the polish. So bright and springy.

  4. $15.99!!?!? I was expecting cheap, since that's the point of this post, but not that cheap-- I love it! Might have to tell my mom to look for it at our Kohl's at home!


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