Our Proposal Story - 05.15.10

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the sweet, sweet day when Ian asked me to marry him!

What girl doesn't like a good proposal story?  Here's my recount of May 15, 2010.

Ian and I decided to escape to the mountains for a little R&R on Saturday, May 15.  We hopped in the car with our furbaby Drake and headed up to Ian’s family mountain house in Boone, NC.  The weather was great and we spent the day at an outdoor art festival in downtown Blowing Rock (hint #1: I knew something might be up because it was Ian's idea to go to this festival).  Then we stopped by the nearby outlets to do some shopping (also Ian's idea, hint #2). 

Suddenly, the sky began to turn grey and we knew a storm was blowing in.  We headed back home and, funny anecdote, Ian was pulled over by a cop on our way home for an expired registration tag due to his recent change of address.  Looking back at this, I knew this was probably the last thing he needed at that point!

We arrived back home right before the sky opened up, and so we began getting ready for the evening.  Ian told me that we’d go out for dinner, but that he couldn’t decide between two restaurants and we wouldn’t need reservations at either.  (This was the point where I thought NO proposal was going to happen.  I knew if he was going to propose, we'd have reservations.)  True to form, Ian was done getting ready for the evening well before I was.  (I also noticed at this point that he was dressed pretty casually in a button-down and khakis.  Another strike against my proposal hunch.)  He told me nonchalantly that he would head downstairs and enjoy some music and a drink until I was ready, and to just take my time.  I asked him to bring me up a drink, and he said all they had in the house was beer.  So he brought me up a Coors Light.

I finished my makeup and hair and walked downstairs like a true classy lady with my Coors Light in hand.  I turned the corner to see that the light in the kitchen was off.  Finding this a little strange, I turned another corner and found that the lights in the great room were also off and there was my handsome Ian, standing at the back of the room in front of the French doors leading to an outside veranda.  The doors were wide open and the thunderstorm was going on in full force behind him.  Leading me to him was a path of rose petals and tealight candles – perfectly romantic.  Our favorite song was playing on the stereo and filling up the entire room.  I stood there frozen, and thank goodness a voice inside my head said "April honey, put the beer down."  I didn't want to get engaged holding a Coors Light.

Don't worry, I snapped this pic AFTER saying yes! 
I wanted to recreate it to always remember
what it looked like.

I made my way down the path to Ian.  He said really lovely things to me and took a knee and asked me to be his wife.  Of course I said YES!  He pulled out a bottle of champagne which his mother had hidden for him along with champagne glasses during a recent trip she took to the mountain house.  We walked out on the veranda and stood in the rain and popped the cork off into the night sky.  We toasted each other and our new engaged status!

Ian then told me that we were not going to either of the restaurants he'd previously mentioned, but that we did, in fact, have reservations at The Best Cellar and that the folks there knew that we were a newly-engaged couple!   Oh, and he pulled a sportscoat out from where he had been hiding it from me.  He knew it would be a tip-off!

We spent the rest of the evenings talking to our immediate family members and just enjoying each other’s company.  His brother called the restaurant and had a bottle of champagne sent to us.  It was a truly magical evening.

The next morning we enjoyed coffee out on the veranda and spoke with aunts/uncles, grandparents, and more friends on the phone.  We drove back to Charlotte and met up with a bunch of friends for a Sunday afternoon beer to celebrate our engagement.  It was the perfect end to the weekend!

What's your proposal story?


  1. ohmygosh liz how romantic and memorable for both of yoU! thats so funny you were saying to yourself 'ok no proposal' because i think i say that to myself all the time ha. sadly i don't have proposal story (yet?) ha. 3 1/2 years and hoping something happens...time will tell right? xox happy monday!

  2. First off.. amazing! Love the mountains and from what I can tell in the pictures that mountain house is AWESOME!
    Our proposal story wasn't as glam but we were by ourselves which I totally wanted.

    check it out here and here...

  3. Liz, thank you for sharing that - it seriously made my morning! I had goose bumps for you! I love that your engagment was simple and meangingful - SO sweet!

  4. oh what a lovely story :) We got engaged last June and I can't believe it has already been that long! lol!

  5. awe i LOVE the story babes! - thanks for sharing!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  6. I think I remember some of that story but I loved hearing it with all the details!! Ian is so presch. Yall make the best couple! Only a couple more weeks!!!!!

  7. I got butterflies inside just reading that. Such a sweet story and I love that he tricked you!

  8. Very sweet! Congrats :) Your proposal story was very sweet!

    I just got married and it's such a dream being married to your best friend! You'll love it! :)

  9. That's so sweet! I just got engaged 3 weeks ago. My engagement wasn't quite so romantic, but that totally fits us : ) We were on our way to dinner when he suddenly pulled off towards the lake. I knew as soon as he turned what was going on, but I was surprised nonetheless. Congratulations, again! I'm sure it will be a beautiful wedding : )

  10. Hi darling' girl! Do you know our proposal story? Dave made elaborate arrangements to propose on a weekend. He told his students about it. When he called me Friday morning to schedule our weekend, I reminded him I had Ben (my son) that weekend. End of Dave's plans! He had to wait another week. He didn't take any chances. He made a date for Saturday night. I was waiting for him to pick me up when he called and asked me to come to his apartment--he was running late. I was annoyed and told him to just show up when he was ready. He insisted I come over. So, irked, I agreed. When I knocked on his apartment door, it opened to a dark room with candles and delicious-smelling things simmering on the stove. He said "how about an engagement party right here...will you marry me?" What a mood changer. I said yes, and here we are, almost 13 years later, so happy, so content, oldies totally in love. Exactly what I wish for you and Ian. Love, Aunt Karen

  11. What a gorgeous ring and amazing story! Love that he knew you'd be thrown off by reservations or a sportcoat. ;)

  12. I have been following your blog for a while now, and just read this post for the first time today. I have to be honest, I cried a little in the library at school, taking in all the details. The fact that the story took place in the area where I live, may have also had something to do with it! Such a sweet story! Happy Valentine's day!

  13. What a wonderful story. His seems so thought out. I think M winged his a bit as he had no meal reservations, no camera, no special setup and didn't get on his knee... but we still have THAT moment between us:

  14. Ahhh so so sweet!! I love how he was hiding some key giveaways- Stephen did the same thing!! Proposal stories are the best, and yours is fabulous lady!

  15. Was thumbing through old post & stumbled upon this one! I love your engagement story!! So, so sweet!! I love it all!! & Now y'all are about to welcome a precious baby girl into the world!!


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