My Wedding Inspiration Photos

So the big day is just THREE days away now, and I'm getting so excited.

Tomorrow Ian and I head down to Columbia around 1pm to start the festivities.  We have a final walk-thru from 5-7pm Thursday night of all wedding details with our fabulous wedding planner, Leslie Ellison.

I'm so excited to see my wedding day visions all come together.  I've been saving wedding inspiration pictures for over a year now, and here are some of my favorites:

{Disclaimer: I started saving these before I ever even had a blog, therefore did not save the sites where these are from.  Sorry for no sourcing!}


  1. Awesome! So exciting! Most of our pictures were candids. That's what I wanted.
    Congrats! Hurry back :)

  2. Have so much fun, enjoy every second!! Your going to be a beautiful bride :) Can't wait to see pics when you get back. We'll miss you!

  3. Have a wonderful wedding weekend!! Cherish every single moment of it. I love your table runners. Beautiful! And that white suit is so glam. Best wishes!!

  4. Wow, 3 days?!! So excited for you. Congratulations on this huge milestone.

    Michelle :)


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