Getting Ready To Be Married!

I had a great time getting ready for our wedding.  I mean, who doesn't like being pampered and doted on?!  Starting at noon on our wedding day, the most wonderful Jami Svay began transforming me into a bride.  I had the utmost confidence in her after she did my hair and makeup for my bridal portraits {pics to come soon, promise!}.  You can see that post here.

My bridesmaids all came to the suite at the Hilton where we were getting ready and we enjoyed mimosas and some snacky foods.  Some gals came completely ready, and some got ready there.  I left that decision up to them just to ease some of the stress that can inevitably come on a wedding day!

Jami completed my makeup and then took my hair out of the rollers to start the updo...  I'm starting to feel very "bride-y"!

During this time, Sarah took a card that I'd written over to Ian's room (yes, he was getting ready at the same hotel!).  Ian's brother Alec came over after a few minutes to get the wedding rings from me and also to bring me a card from Ian.  I was done getting beautified, so I sat down to open the card.

This is my "don't cry -- don't cry -- don't cry" face.  You know, the one where you force a smile and big wide eyes to keep yourself from absolutely losing it and spilling over!

Then I read the card to my Mom and bridesmaids, and they all cried.  It was GOOD.  He said in the card that he promised to marry me every day.

Happy bride.

PS - For all of your Charlotteans, my beloved hair/makeup artist Jami is having a book launch this Saturday!  Her book, The BEAUTY-Full Guide, will be celebrated 5-8pm at the Aveda Institute on South (where I get my haircut!) with lots of complimentary services like manis, pedis, and makeup touch-ups.  Come on, you know you want to join!  RSVP here. 


  1. How fun! Getting ready was one of my favorite parts of the day too.
    We didn't do cards but probably should have. Brad isn't too sappy like that. LOL

  2. Cute pics! Love that you had a nice time just relaxing and getting pampered before your big day! :)

  3. You look stunning, and I can't wait to see the full pics of you in your dress with the now-hubby! Happy weekend, April!

  4. Beautimous! I'm impressed you were able to hold the tears back--I probably would have boohooed and had to redo my make-up!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ash's HUGE curlers! :-) ANNNDDDDD you were BEAUTIFUL!!!! Even in your juicy suit! :-)

  6. What fun! You are beautiful! Btw, the mirrored nightstands are from potterybarn. They should still have them!

  7. Congrats on getting married, you looked BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see the pictures of the reception.

  8. I just found your looked beautiful on your wedding day! I'm planning a wedding for next summer and our colors will be yellow and grey, too! I haven't seen it around much, so I'm glad to know you used them too and I'm not crazy! :)


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