Weekend Wrap-Up + Happy Summer!

We had a perfect weekend at home.  No major plans were made, which was a nice break for us.  Friday night we had a little happy hour on our patio with margaritas that I made using a no-sugar, no-carb, no-calorie margarita mix.  Typically, I'm not the biggest fan of pre-made margarita mixes, but this one didn't have that sugary/tart bite of a normal mix.

Saturday, after we cleaned the house {and decided a housekeeper may just be in our future}, I got ready to go to Jami Svay's book launch at the Aveda Institute.  My friend Meg went with me and we had a great time.  The party was pink, pink, pink and there were all sorts of fun things you could partake in ... cupcakes, wine tastings, cake pops, chair massages, feather hair extensions, a Pinkberry stand, an Izze soda stand, manicures, a brow bar ... you name it.

Me with Jami, stylist extraordinaire

The scene at the book launch
That night, Ian and I went to dinner at PF Changs {which you may have already known if you follow me on Twitter - @ALizAdventures}.  And yes, of course we got the lettuce wraps.

Sunday morning we had some breakfast at home and then went to Crate & Barrel to find a few items off of our home wishlist.  Never did I think I'd get so excited about buying a knife.

Fresh-squeezed orange juice ... yes please!

This one didn't come home with us -- too dark.
Anyone know where I can find one similar?

In other news, happy first day of summer!  And are you celebrating by wearing your Lilly??  I am!


  1. This sounds like such a fun weekend! I get so excited about buying kitchen things too! I can spend all day in Williams Sonoma :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!

  3. I was in the house getting spit up on or I would totally have worn Lilly! Wink wink.

  4. Oh, that event looks fun and your one shoulder top is cute! I spent the day by the pool and don't have a Lilly bikini so no Lilly was worn today!

  5. Ok, so I am way behind in looking at blogs. I'm getting to read about two a day right now. You have tons of new posts I haven't seen! Jealous that you have a Supper Club, I want to be in one so badly. I enjoyed all of your getting ready pics. And your wedding pics are BEAUTIFUL!!! I cannot wait to see bridal portraits. Ohh, and I like the wine rack/shelf even if you didn't get it. I haven't seen one like it. Happy Hump Day!!


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