My Asheville Trip

This week I've been in Asheville, NC for work.  I never mind this trip because the city is just so lovely.  Although one downside of traveling solo is eating out alone, Asheville does have a few places with a nice bar scene that are perfect for business travel diners.

Last night I had dinner at a favorite -- Bouchon.  It's a French restaurant on North Lexington Avenue that is long, narrow, busy and dark ... my very favorite combination.

At Bouchon, a favorite dinner spot.
If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I had a little incident where I accidentally found out that I preferred my tank being worn backwards.  The high neck and a dip in the back.  There's no tag in it, just an imprinted version of a label, so nobody knew but me.  Thoughts?

The scene in Asheville - many of you know
and love Tupelo Honey Cafe!

Some of the best window shopping around in downtown.

The quintessential look of Asheville.
I felt a tad out of place.

I learned of French Broad Chocolate Cafe through
a Twitter friend, and of course had to go.

The menu was huuuuuge and overwhelming.

Speaking of overwhelming, check out the truffle selection!

Lavender & honey truffles did not come home with me this time, but will soon...

The coconut macaroon brownie is another fan fave,
but also not what I eventually decided upon.

Now this I could not pass up!  Lavender creme brulee, prepare to
come home with me.  And I do declare, it was absolutely delicious.

Annnnd, just for good measure, I also brought home a
salted caramel cashew truffle.  As good as it sounds.

One more thing to mention.

In my evening of killing time in Asheville, I did something that I really love to do during overnight travels.  I went to the movie theater.  Yes, alone!  I remember being a teenager and seeing people sitting solo at the movie theater.  I always felt really bad for them and wondered if I should ask these total strangers to join us.  Now, I understand that going alone to the movies is actually a pretty fantastic thing.  You don't have to make conversation during parts you actually want to hear, you don't miss out on funny lines because your friend is asking you a question, you can text if you want without being a jerk, you don't have to compromise on what movies to see.  Why is it shunned so much?  What are your thoughts on it ... is it something you would do, something you have done?  Something you wouldn't want to do?

I saw Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, by the way.  And if anything, it just solidified the fact that a) I love seeing movies solo, and b) this girl NEEDS to get to Paris.


  1. I love Ashville! I'll have to try out that bakery - it looks delish. And, I'm totally with you, I enjoy nothing more than going to the movie theater alone. I don't travel for work, but if I had too, I think that would be such a great nighttime activity.

    Question for you - who took the cute picture of you (and your backwards tank)? Which by the way - I REALLY like the look of - looks much more chic than a normal tank.

  2. Sounds like a great trip and that salted caramel cashew truffle looks divine! xx

  3. Sounds like you made the most of your trip! It is always fun finding places for a business traveler to dine. Don't you always feel like people are looking at you still?

    PS - love the tank look - maybe you're starting a new trend?!!

  4. what a fun mini vacation with yourself! :)

    You need to try Early Girl Cafe while you're there!

    Oh, and I like the backwards tank!!

  5. How funny! We're headed there this weekend with my rents and my nephew and his girlfriend.
    Doing the Biltmore -- which I've done a million times but my nephew and his g/f have not.
    Question.. where are you staying? I was looking for a Hilton property in Downtown but they all look to right by the Biltmore?

  6. asheville is such a great little city...and that chocolate place looks AMAZING!! must sample next time i am there--i haven't been to a movie alone before, but i totally would if i'm in need of some major "me" time

  7. I'm so glad you liked French Broad Chocolate! The peanutbutter chocolate cake is to die for! Glad you could enjoy your day in Asheville!!

  8. I'll smuggle you in my suitcase when I got to Paris in November if you want... might be slightly uncomfortable though. And Asheville has some great spots, especially that chocolate place. What did you think of Midnight in Paris? I'm still undecided. Definitely not my favorite Woody Allen movie though.

  9. We may have talked about this before, but I grew up in Hendersonville, about 20 mins south of Asheville, and my family is still there. I am glad you had a good trip! I've never been to a movie by myself, but it does make a lot of sense. I don't know why I have not done that.

  10. New poster here! My girlfriends and I had a girls weekend in Asheville last October and we had the best time. The shopping was great, the food was wonderful and we also took time out to climb to the top of Chimmney Rock (to work off all the food we ate). Would love to go back!

  11. Your trip looks like it was so much fun! I'm lovvving all those truffles... I don't know how you said no to the coconut macaroon brownie :)

    I've never personally been to the movies alone but know people who have and they loved it too so I don't see why I wouldn't ever do it! Oh, and I think you might be starting a trend with the backwards tank! :)

  12. What a fun trip!! I love your tank and that picture of you is so cute! I have definitely been to the movies alone before. I went a couple of times when I lived in Chicago and it IS really nice!

  13. Looks like a great trip. And I go to the movies by myself on occasion. I feel bad dragging people with me if they don't want to see the movie and I don't think being alone ruins the experience at all.

  14. Great recommendations! I'm going to Asheville in a few weeks and you know I'll be stopping at French Broad Chocolate. Yumm!!

  15. Looks like a wonderful time with some fabulous treats! I adore your outfit! Very cute!


  16. Sounds like a fun town! I would feel out of place with people dressed that way too :) I love that you watched a movie on your own! I did it once, The Notebook! haha My husband (boyfriend at the time) was NOT going to watch it with me so alone I went! And I'm so glad I did.. one of my favorite movies!

  17. Those chocolates look delicious! Love the top backwards (I've made similar mistakes before, hehe), and yes, I love a good solo movie date!


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