Beach Trips: Murrells Inlet & Folly Beach

I've missed you all!  I have been on a crazy and wonderful tour of some beautiful South Carolina beaches.

Friday afternoon, Ian and I sneakily packed the car and headed to Murrells Inlet to surprise my mother-in-law for her birthday!  While she was out at dinner, several of us hid our cars and hung out at her house until she came home.  She came up the stairs from the garage to find a kitchen full of family and friends.  She was shocked!


My MIL with her father (left), best friend (hugging), and her in-laws

My husband is hot

Ian with his paternal grandparents

Make a wish!

On Saturday we woke up and had breakfast and then went down to the marshwalk of Murrells Inlet for a stroll.  Even Drake got to go.  He was in pure heaven!

On Sunday I traveled down to Folly Beach (right outside of Charleston) to spend some time with my family.  They rented a house for an entire week.  Even though I could only be there Sunday thru Wednesday, we got in some really great times.

The house we rented

Making our way down to the beach

Middle sister Sarah, Mom, and me

Shopping on King Street in Charleston --
me, Mom, youngest sis Laura - and a great new Cynthia
Rowley dress!  I promise you'll see it soon!

Evening cocktails at Market Pavilion - my favorite rooftop bar in Charleston

The New Yorkers - Sarah and boyfriend Cameron

Me and Mom en route to dinner at Rue de Jean

The marsh behind our beach house ...

... where we got to put out crab traps!  This stone crab went back in the water.  He was a little too small for us.

But we did catch almost 20 blue crabs, which Laura made into a hot crab dip one night.

The sunset as I was talking to Ian on the phone one night.
(He couldn't miss any work, so I went solo.)

Paddleball with Cameron.  And yes, we spent the
majority of the time chasing the ball around.

The girls

Me and Laura

And some really great news to share ... my sister Laura got engaged!  That explains the champagne in the above picture.  Here she is with her fiance, T.

We couldn't be happier for them and we girls also couldn't ask for a better future brother-in-law.  And Ian is particularly stoked ... he and T. get along like peas and carrots.

It's great to be back!  Tomorrow I'll be showing you some updated home pictures, and get ready for next week ... I am going to devote it solely to the debut of our professional wedding pictures.  So if you don't like weddings, consider yourself forewarned, ha!


  1. That's awesome you surprised your MIL....surprises are the best! So excited for Laura and your future brother in law!

  2. Looks like a fabulous beach trip! and I personally can't wait for the professional wedding photos...I LOVE WEDDINGS!

  3. Love surprises!! Okay -- tell me you work out? Something other than running too.
    I'm thinking you lift weights or do yoga or something?
    You look like you have a six pack!! Sickening!!(as I eat a Granola thin with peanut butter). I need to get on the ball! STAT!! LOL!!

  4. Um hello!! okay well i knew you had a fab bod but WHAT is the secret to being your mom and having those abs!! You all are gorgeous. Congrats to your sister and can't wait to see the weddnig pics :)

  5. I love Charleston! We(me, mom and sis) go there every summer to commemorate my wedding anniversary. I think I even recognize your rickshaw driver... how could you not have fun in that amazing city!

  6. what a wonderful surprise! that cake looks so good. i love the yellow dress you are wearing it is cute where is it from?

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Congratulations to your sister too! Welcome Home!

  8. What a fun vacation! And congrats to Laura!! So exciting!

  9. two of my fave SC beaches. sounds like such a fun time with family. i love and miss family beach trips.

    p.s. you and your family are too hot to trot in your bikini' word!

  10. WOAH WOAH that T COX??? CRAAAAZY!! He went to high school with me, his sister and I cheered together, gahhhh small blogging world:) What a cutie! So glad y'all had fun on your beach trip!

  11. Aw how exciting for your sister! Looked like a fun trip, and the food for the birthday looked SO good!

    Looking forward to seeing some wedding pics! Reminds me I need to post more.. err.. too lazy! lol

    Have a good weekend!

  12. AFter this recap, I now excuse your missing in action-ness last week. Looks like a GREAT vacay, and congrats to your sister! I'm so happy for you and your fam. Can't wait for the wedding pics, so the forewarning is definitely not necessary ;)

  13. Aww looks like you had a great time! What a cute cake! :)

  14. I have never been to Charleston or Folly Beach but want to go! Those crabs sound yummy and congrats to your sister! You're such a little hotty in the champagne picture--love that outfit!


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