Hello From Greenville!

I am having a great time in Greenville, SC!

I am here for work, but I've found that only by mixing a little pleasure with business will you stay sane. (Take for example my recent Memphis and Dallas business trips where I hung out with bloggers or the New Bern "shopping coup" trip.)

After arriving in Greenville this morning (and if you follow me on Twitter - @alizadventures - you know about the debaucle I had on 85 South last night that forced me to abandon my trip and postpone until this morning) I did the work I needed to and then met up with my sister, the Reedy River Recessionista as you know her.

We had lunch and then went to the beautiful campus of my alma mater, Furman University
Ya'll ... my college campus is absolutely gorgeous.  We went to the bookstore and then walked a bit around the rose garden and grounds.  It was wonderful reminiscing about all of the fun times there.  Can I re-enroll?!?!

I'll have more updates when I return to Charlotte but just wanted to say hello!


  1. I love visiting my college... wahh I want to re-entroll too!

  2. aww that's fun. you're visiting my town!

    hope you and the sis have a wonderful time. i love following your sister's blog also to get some fun ideas on restaurants and treats in the upstate!

  3. I know! Hasn't Furman gotten even more beautiful?! I didn't think it was possible!

  4. that wreck was terrible! Glad you didn't get stuck in that!

  5. You DO have a beautiful college campus! I'm down in Charleston but we visit Greenville frequently and I always love walking around the campus!


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