The Art of Positive Connotations

Webinars stink.
And so do shots at the doc's office.
With both, I have a firm philosophy.

Frozen yogurt (before a webinar, or after a shot) = positive connotation

Think about it.  If you always treat yourself to something wonderful every single time you do something you dread, then you might actually start looking forward to the very thing you dread!

Marinate in that one for a little bit.

(And for those of you wondering, this was cake batter and cookies & cream swirled froyo with crushed Oreos, Butterfinger chunks, and toffee bits in it.  Yep ... healthy.  'Cause it's yogurt.  DUH.)

I had some fun adventures on Friday and Saturday night -- can't wait to share them with you tomorrow.  Happy Monday!


  1. Looks delicious! Andddd I like this concept! Treating yourself is always a good thing.

  2. This cracks me up! I always promise myself a treat, even if it is just Starbucks and a muffin or something after EVERY doctor appointment because I hate them so much. It's the only thing that gets me to go sometimes, knowing I have a treat at the end :) Glad I'm not the only one!

  3. love this! definitely may have to start creating some "positive connotations" with my dreaded activites!

  4. I currently hate you for being able to have that when I live in the land of NO FROYO! You picked the best. combination. EVER. I'm crying inside :)

  5. Love this concept for things like doctor's appointments, tough meetings....

    I have a feeling if I applied the "I'll allow myself ice cream after I go to the gym"....probably wouldn't turn out too well for me. :)

    Um - your froyo concoction looks very similar to what I do - load up the candy!! The hubs puts the fruit and granola on his - um, this is dessert not breakfast!!

  6. I am a fro-yo addict, I love it! We were going twice a week for awhile until we realized how fat we were getting...isn't yogurt supposed to be healthy???

  7. Love that food for thought! And now I totally want some yogurt!

  8. yes, please (on the fro yo, NOT the shots!)

  9. Sweet Frog started in Richmond and has expanded like crazy in the last two years--isn't it the best? I always get the cake batter too! I put reeses pieces, cookie dough, and chocolate syrup on mine though!


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