Calling All Monogram Lovers

Eeeek!  Preppy Plates is on One Kings Lane!  If you haven't yet joined OKL, click here for your invitation to what is easily one of my very favorite online shopping sites.

OKL specializes in home decor.  Sometimes I just can't get excited about shopping for clothes online, but I am always up for perusing vases, rugs, art, and kitchenware.  Know what I mean?

Preppy Plates specializes in monogrammed and personalized melamine trays and plates, but they also have some really cool other things (like coasters!).  Boy, I could have used the coasters at last night's Supper Club!  Oh, and the plates and trays are dishwasher safe, which is a huge plus for me.  I hate ruining a manicure by washing dishes.

Here are some of my faves from the sale -- I can't decide which one to buy.

Large Arbor Platter, Navy : sale price $29

4 Mod Salad Plates, Orange : sale price $59

50 Lattice Coasters, Green : sale price $39

4 Bamboo Dinner Plates, Blue : sale price $69

I think these would make such a fun and personalized wedding gift or birthday present.  Did you get anything from the Preppy Plates sale on One Kings Lane?  What's your favorite of the above items?


  1. I LOVE those coasters!

    Are they reusable or do you have to throw them away after you use them? I'm asking because 50 is a lot of coasters in one purchase, usually it is only 5 or so!

  2. Ooooh! Love the salad plates : ) Great post!

  3. Ahhh, I like!! I love the mod salad plates and the lattice coasters! sure to check out my post tomorrow--I mention you!

  4. do i have to pick one?!? can't do it! i love them all!

  5. I love these plates! I am all about monogrammed things!

    I am so happy I found your blog. I'm your newest follower :)

    Check out my blog! I'm doing my first giveaway of monogrammed earrings from Swell Caroline!!



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