Shaggin' On The Boulevard

All my Southern readers, ya'll know what shagging is, right?

For anyone needing a definition, or even just a refresher, let's turn to trusty ol' Wikipedia:

Carolina Shag is a six-count partner dance done mostly to moderate tempo music (100-150 bpm). During the dance the upper body and hips hardly move as the legs do convoluted kicks and fancy footwork. The lead is the center of attention, and the follow's steps either mirror the lead's or mark time while the lead shows off with spins and other gyrations. Carolina Shag is the state dance of North Carolina and South Carolina, and is still popular amongst residents of both states.

So, although this image may have come to your mind, now you know:

1989 brought us the movie "Shag" starring Phoebe Cates and Bridget Fonda. 

What?!  You've never seen it?!  Well then, buy it here immediately!  With a synopsis like this, how could you not love it?!  "Summer of 1963. Carson is getting married to her boyfriend so her friends Melaina, Pudge and Luanne take her to Myrtle Beach for one last irresponsible weekend."  It is such a fun movie and I bought it for Ian and I to watch a few summers ago before we made our way down to Myrtle Beach for a 10-day long shagging festival they have called S.O.S.

My parents are huge shaggers.  They love it.  They never miss an S.O.S.!  I like shagging but am nowhere NEAR as talented as they are.  My Ohioan husband, not a shagger.  That's okay.  He doesn't mind when I dance with other people.  :)

In 2009 we joined Mom & Dad at S.O.S. and had a really good time.

The entire beach is taken over by people who just LIVE for shagging and beach music.  It is definitely a unique scene.  And a lot of fun!

And as you may remember, Dad and I shagged for part of our father/daughter dance at my wedding.

Shagging is also a big part of the trips to our favorite horse races, the Carolina Cup in Camden, SC. 


Well, my parents are back down at S.O.S. now, day drinking and dancing to their heart's content.  So jealous.  I got a text from my Dad yesterday afternoon telling me to tune in at 4:30 to a webcam that was set up at one of the beach clubs they were visiting.

Can you spot them?  This is like the shagging version of Where's Waldo?

Give up?  Okay, I'll help you out here.

So, if you find yourself bored at work today and intrigued by this Carolina dance, hit up YouTube!  You may even see these guys on there, who will shag to anything and everything, even techno tunes at fraternity tents:

Yep.  Those are my parents!
(edit: seems as if my YouTube video isn't coming up; anyone having any luck with it?)


  1. OMG I love the movie Shag! We are few and far between!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is too funny!! I have never seen that movie, but I will have to look into it now. Never had a clue about a S.O.S. festival, sounds like fun!

  3. GREAT post! Brad's rents have gotten into shagging since moving from VA to NC. They took lessons all last year.
    My rents just moved from GA to NC and love to dance.
    It's only a matter of time!
    GReat exercise!

  4. I have been BEGGING Matt to take some shag lessons before our wedding. No progress...

    LOVE your daddy-daughter dance. so sweet!

  5. R's family are HUGE shaggers too! They go to S.O.S. every year as well! Jane Jacobs (the real shagger in the movie Shag) gave R and me lessons before our wedding. She's a friend of R's dad. I'm nowhere near good as I just really have two left feet, but R's a great partner and we LOVE impressing people (namely northerners) at weddings with our moves! We'll all have to go out shagging soon!

    PS - The video is not showing up... :(

  6. Seriously your parents are the most adorable people everrrr!

    Kevin claims he wants to take shag lessons....we shall see! ;) It may take a few beverages for him.

  7. My mother in law is there right now too!! She never misses an S.O.S. either, she is crazy good. My dad and I shagged for our dance too, love it!

  8. So cute! Shag is one of my sister's favorite movies.

  9. I love to shag! I'm not very good at it, but I like to try! I'm trying to convince the bf to take lessons with me so we can show off at weddings. :)

  10. I love this! My friends and I would watch Shag all the time in high school and college...what a fun time those girls had! I definitely am NO good at shagging, but the boyfriend and I have been known to pretend like we know what we're doing.

  11. My fiance's granfather is in the Shagging Hall of Fame and he has evidently picked up on his grandfather's skills. I have never been very good, but am always learning new things! We got to a shagging club in HHI a few times a year when we're on vacation! Great post :)


  12. Could your parents be ANY cuter? I love that they have a fun hobby that they still do and love. I don't think shagging is in my future - trust me - but I'd love to find something fun to do with my bf that got us out of the house, with a group of friends, doing something active. They seem to be great role models!

  13. GAH! I LOVE SHAGGING! My Nannie taught me how to shag when I was really little... that and the jitterbug! Your parents are precious. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

  14. I can't see the video! But I'm definitely intrigued by this Carolina shag you speak of. Looks like something I may need to try!

  15. I'm just reading this post. 1. Shag is my all time favorite movie. 2. So much that I talked my best friends into going to Myrtle Beach for our senior trip in high school. We drove to MB from Memphis and it was like 14 hours. 3. People dont shag in Memphis but I really wanted to learn. We didn't see any going on during senior week. hehe. Its my dream to party and shag just like how they did in that movie. I even had a learn to shag video! ;)


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