Tailgatin' Pirate Style

So this past Saturday was the ECU vs. USC football game.
For all of you who need a recap:
  • ECU = East Carolina University
  • USC = University of South Carolina
  • USC beat the biznass out of ECU.  After the awe-inspiring 1st quarter where ECU whooped up on USC.
  • That about sums it up.
So back to the fun parts ... i.e., tailgating.

This was my contribution:

Because who doesn't love a cookie cake?!

This was Ian's contribution:

Because my husband is man enough to decide that purple and yellow flowers needed to grace our home's entrance.  I'm seriously not kidding that I came home to this.  I did add the "ECU" sign which is actually a magnet from my mother.

And this was also his contribution:

Two large bags of Bojangles fried chicken and biscuits and two cases of beer.  See?  He's still very much a man.

And this was our fun group:

Yep, we are actually tailgating on the tailgate of a truck.  How fitting.

And if you want to be reallllllllllllly Southern, you might eat a the pimiento cheese version of a deviled egg.

There used to be a day where I would shudder to think of myself and my sister drinking a beer, sitting on a cooler with our mother.  Now, this is considered "normal" to us.

And the whole reason I have turned into a Pirate-lovin' ECU fan:

This guy.

And our super-fun friends that are now our neighbors too:

So then it was time to watch the game.  We made our way to the stadium and headed to our seats.  Which were perfect, I might add!

Imagine "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix blasting at the very moment you are seeing below... (And that may make our wedding entrance in this post make a little more sense now, right?)

Even the big Duke Power building in downtown Charlotte was lit up in purple and gold as ECU was showing USC who.was.boss.

Things were looking really good.  Too good?

ECU kept scoring and the guys were going crazy.

And then this was the last "nice" scoreboard shot of the day.

USC proceeded to run over ECU.  Run over.  And that is that.

So we went home and sulked a bit and then got over it.  Sunday we hung out with my family and fixed eggs, bacon, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  And then we started planning lunch.

We at lunch at The Cowfish, which is always spectacular, and my mom and dad headed back to Columbia as Laura and T. headed back to Greenville.  Later that evening after a few errands, Ian and I went to the movies and saw Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.  Tres scary.

So tell me, how did you spend your Labor Day weekend?


  1. Um, a) How cute are you?! b) GIMMETHATBOJANGLES! c) PB and I tried the Cowfish during wedding weekendapalooza and it was AMAZING!

    I want to live in Charlotte and be your bestie!!! hahaha

  2. Sorry about the loss but y'all looked like you had fun ahead of time! :-)

  3. Too bad ECU couldn't show USC who was boss...glad you've joined us Pirates!

  4. I love purple and gold but the kind that represents LSU!! Woohoo!!
    Cute shirt and love that Ian got flowers!
    You're living room looks dreamy too!

  5. oooh that cookie cake sure looked delish :) Also, loved your footbally game outfit--especially the cute shirt! it looks like you had a wonderful time!!! oxo

  6. you guys look adorable!! loving the fried chicken contribution--lol

  7. Wondering why I have never thought to make a pimento cheese deviled egg--so yummy!

  8. Looks like you had a fantastic time! Love all the purple and yellow!

  9. Looks like y'all had fun, minus ECU losing. But them losing made my ride back to Columbia enjoyable. Go Gamecocks :-)

  10. off to find out how to make those pimento cheese deviled egg. those look WONDERFUL!

  11. ha that building is always blue for Panthers games, interesting to see that they can change the colors it! I know y'all were pumped to see that!


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