Did You Catch My Guest Post?

There I go again -- crossing things off of my 30 Before 30 In 30 list!

28.  Write a guest post.

Girls, meet Ashley.
The delightful Ashley of Places To Go, Things To Buy asked me to dump out the contents of my purse and share what's inside!  Her "What's In Her Purse" series allows us all to be a little nosey ... I love it.  :)

So if you have ever wondered what I carry around in my handbag, or if you really don't give a flip but you want to check out a really cute blog, then check out the post here.

Ashley, thanks for helping me cross another item off of my list and show what's in my purse!


  1. So glad we could finally link up!! Thanks for the shout out! :):):) Have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. well done! I love purse posts! You have me curious about the spin pins...

  3. I love purse posts! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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