Soup, Jewelry, Blog Loving, Crafting/Boozing

Yet another few items crossed off my 30 Before 30 In 30 list:

1. Come up with a great soup recipe and share it

I made this for our dinner Sunday night along with grilled paninis using garlic naan, hard salami, feta cheese, and roasted red peppers.

32 oz. chicken broth (I used Swanson's low sodium broth)
2 cups frozen cut okra, unthawed
15.5 oz. can black eyed peas, rinsed and drained
1/2 package pork sausage
1 small tomato, diced
1/2 jalapeno

Roll sausage into small balls.  In a crockpot, combine all ingredients.  Throw the half of a jalapeno in the soup just for seasoning and remove before serving.  Or else you might create enemies.  Cook on high for approximately 3 hours.  To reduce the fat in the soup, cook the day before you want to eat it and refrigerate -- skim off the top film of (ahem) fat from the soup and reheat.

9.  List 5 new items on my A. Liz Designs Etsy website

I so love this necklace and parting will be such sweet sorrow.  But check her out and some other fun necklaces and vintage bangles in my A. Liz Designs Etsy store!

20.  Find a new blog I love and post about it

Kate from The Anniversary Home, I have a total crush on your blog!  Ya'll, Kate and her cute English hubby have put a lot of love and sweat equity into their Victorian farmhouse (including an incredible kitchen renovation seen here that they just completed) and now they face big changes as a job is moving them to a new state.  She's such a funny person to follow on Twitter and I've had a lot of fun following along recently with her cute blog.  Please pay her a visit and say hello!

23.  Organize a craft night with girlfriends

This craft night will actually be a craft afternoon this coming weekend, and the girls have been instructed to bring their hot glue gun, cookies, and booze!  We are going to have a jolly good time putting some wreaths together and nursing our hot glue burns.  I'm hosting it at our house and I can't WAIT.


  1. Wow! You're really going through your list. :) That soup looks absolutely delicious, and I will be checking out Kate's blog.

  2. Oh, I am so honored Miss A. Liz! Thank you for the shout out and you, of course, know the feeling is mutual. Your blog is the top of my must read list every day and I'm so inspired by your 30 before 30 in 30 list. You're absolutely right: new blogging friends make the greatest friends!

  3. Woah, you are crossing things off your list left and right- way to go!

  4. Yay for soup recipes, beautiful necklaces, fun new blogs, and craft nights!

  5. That soup looks delicious! I hope your week is going well!

  6. You are killing the list!!! I'm so impressed. That soup looks yummmmm.


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