An Update!

It's time for a quick update on the 30 Before 30 IN 30 list!

Here are the items that I crossed off my list recently:

6. Pay a visit to our local library
I went to the library closest to my office during my lunchbreak.  Since I love reading on my Kindle, I was so jazzed to talk to the helpful lady at the information desk who told me about how to rent books right there on my e-reader!  You can choose the length of time that you have a book -- 7 days, 14 days, 21 days.  And it's completely free!  How cool is that?

Another neat thing -- the library was having a book sale when I visited.  Paperbacks were only a quarter each!  For $0.75 I walked out owning three new books -- Jewel by Bret Lott (my mom loved it and it was an Oprah book club selection) and the Fodor's guides for the Carribbean and Northern California.  I'd love for Ian and I to be able to take a trip to Napa or Sonoma one day in the not so distant future, so here's hoping that we'll be using this guide soon!

16. Attend a yoga class
I took this class last Saturday.  The teacher was sweet and the back of my arms hurt for a full 3 days after the class.  It was a good class but I think I'll stick to my cardio classes going forward.

21. Take a half-day at work just for my own mental health
I did this last Friday and left at lunchtime.  It was awesome.  Who doesn't love a good mental health day?!

22. Get a haircut and try something a little new!
Okay, here goes.  I started off with my hair looking like this:

And then found myself in a chair looking rather alien-ish and wondering if I should have just stuck to a normal hair trimming ....

We went with a slightly tinted gloss that is just a tad darker than my regular hair color, and just for fun, added a touch of red in.  Here's how it looked when the stylist dried it straight -- 

And after I styled it with my hot rollers.  

We just took about an inch off of the total length and touched up the layers - I also went a little shorter on my side bangs. 

This coming Friday I'll be crossing off one more item from my list as I host a FABULOUS giveaway!  Make sure to visit me on Friday to get the scoop and get yourself entered. 


  1. Love the new hair!!! You are so stinkin cute in your pics!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Love your new hair cut/style, it looks really good!

    I've wanted to take an actual yoga class too, but have only ever done it at home.

    I'm also hosting a giveaway on friday! It's really good, so be sure to check it out!!

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  3. Very cute! I love the 30 before 30 idea I will definitely have to put this into effect.



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