Christmas in Mocksville

The day after Christmas is when we travel to visit extended family.  This year our travels took us to Mocksville, NC, which is a quaint town outside of Winston Salem.

This is how we spent the first  part of the day:

Yes, that is me shooting an AK-47.

I did well but my zebra heels kept sinking in the ground.

We're always cautious -- gear to protect your ears and caution when handling guns.

Dad with a vintage handgun

Husband and future brother-in-law

All of the guys

And then we made a trip to the nearby stables to see my cousin Katie's horse.

Katie and her horse, Bubbs

Me trying to be the Horse Whisperer

That night we opened presents and stockings.  Stockings in this family are a BIG DEAL.  My Aunt Karen made us all hugely oversized and personalized stockings to hold lots of goodies.  And they are always busting at the seams, some with an "overspill bag" next to them.  Ian got his own stocking this year, and it was presented to him at our rehearsal dinner by my aunt.  It has so many pieces of significance on it -- even the very tartan from his family's Scottish clan, shipped from the UK -- but my favorite part is the fact that he is holding a diamond ring that is made to look like mine.  :)

You can see it even won a ribbon in this year's state fair!

Blingy blingy blingy

The next day we girls went shopping, most of our time spent at a great antiques store, where we all got some goodies.

Incredible vintage hats!  They didn't come home with us, though.

Mom did surprise us with getting us each a gift.  This was my choice - an artichoke vase.

Oh, and my sister got a black purse for $10 -- a vintage Tiffany & Co. purse, that is!  We think the shop owner couldn't read the gold inscription inside and just thought it was a regular evening purse.  You just can't beat antique shopping.

I always love spending time in quaint towns like Mocksville.


  1. That stocking is amazingly unique, and I love that you wore zebra heels while you were shooting guns!!

  2. Ah!! It is so neat to see someone else shoot guns when they go home!! John and I always seem to shoot guns and ride horses when we go home too!! It is pretty fun. I was taugh gun safety at an early age as well. You look so cute shooting the AK!! I'm always scared to shoot fully automatics bc they rise!!!

  3. Those oversized stockings are so incredibly pretty! I can't imagine the time and talent it took to make one of these bad boys.

  4. How great is that stocking?? So talented! I love the Countryside!

  5. It looks like you had a great holiday. I adore the stockings that your aunt makes. How cute that she gave Ian's to him on your rehearsal dinner?!

    Happy 2012 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  6. You aunt is an amazing seamstress. The stocking is incredible, and so much detail went into it. Love!

    Happy new year!


    P.S. It is always nice to see another blogger who shoots:)

  7. That stocking is INCREDIBLE!! I also love the pics of you shooting in your heels--too funny!


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