Holiday Debauchery.

This Saturday night, a group of friends and I decided to partake in a little, shall I say, holiday debauchery.

This is generally how you would have found me all night:

But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

I rallied up some of our friends for an evening on the town to really get in the holiday spirit.  Everyone met over at our house and we had a drink while we waited for a van to come pick us up.

We started off at Founder's Hall where we watched a robotic teddy bear orchestra perform holiday songs.  Think: Showbiz Pizza (or Chuck E. Cheese if you are a bit younger) meets a holiday symphony performance.  Yes, it's mainly for kids, but I love it.  :)  It gets me in the spirit!

They also have a huge tree there that is the perfect picture backdrop.

Next we headed to the Ritz Carlton for a pre-dinner drink.  They have a life-sized gingerbread house there that is made out of all organic materials.  It's truly a sight to behold! 

If I had a home one day modeled after that gingerbread house, I'd be one happy girl.

For dinner we walked to a nearby restaurant, Rira.  We had great Irish fare and um, a few shots. 

Downhill from there as you can imagine.  They had live music after dinner that played the best songs, so we danced a ton.  Pictures from that portion of the night were taken but will not be shared - HA!

Okay okay, maybe just one.

And I think we even look pretty well behaved in this one.

If you can't let a little loose over the holidays, then when can ya?!


  1. I saw some of your pictures on Instagram this weekend and had to laugh. Our debauchary took place at our house! LOL! I wasn't too bad but some others were ;) Loved the gingerbread house!

  2. I had no idea that there was a teddy bear orchestra in Founders Hall! And a lifesize gingerbread house?!!I have been missing out!

  3. What a great night! I love the huge tree and ginormous gingerbread house.

  4. Those types of nights are the best. :) Love your earrings.

  5. So much fun! And PS - we were at Ri Ra after 9:30pm on Saturday night too! I didn't see you but then again I probably couldn't see accurately at that point! ;)

  6. How fun! Good for you to let a little loose!

  7. What great photo ops with the tree and gingerbread house.
    I love your earrings!

  8. Haha, that looks like such a fun night! I love your earrings!


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