A Challenge, But Not Impossible

If you don't mind me painting with a slightly broad brush, you could quickly sum up what I do for a living by saying it is in the health and wellness field.

And you all know that I travel quite a bit for my job.  In fact, yesterday was the first day I've been back in the office in the last two and a half weeks!

When traveling, eating healthy can be a challenge.  Not impossible mind you, but not the easiest.  When you're dining solo and missing home, it's easy to justify a comfort meal like creamy, cheesy pasta.  With bread.  And wine, of course.  If nobody is there to witness it, did it really ever happen at all?  :)

But in order to practice what I preach, and also to make up for the fact that I pretty much detest hotel gyms (treadmill snob here) -- I make it a point to eat healthy.

Clockwise from top left: dinner, dinner, lunch, dinner

Clockwise from top left: dinner, dinner, lunch, breakfast

My go-to staples for travel meals are salads, soups, and wraps.  They aren't as costly as sitting down to a filet, and they are more like what I would eat on a regular weeknight at home. 

I don't mind dining in restaurants alone, but my favorite thing to do is sit at the bar and sip on a glass of wine while they fix my to-go order.  That way, I get a little bit of social time, but I can eat my meal alone in my hotel room without having to make small-talk with the bar-flys. 

Another trick of mine is to find a nice grocery store.  Whole Foods, Earthfare, Fresh Market -- I love these.  The prepared foods area is an easy way for me to get vegetables and fruits in my diet.  While in Portland recently, I stopped in for dinner at a local co-op where there was a plethora of healthy choices ... raw, vegeterian, and vegan. 

What are your tricks for eating healthy while traveling?


  1. Girl when I submitted my expense report for my London trip? WOO there was lots of wine. Lonely and far away from home = vino. For that trip, I tried to eat a lot of local food to get a feel for the area - lots of cheddar cheeses, pickles, chutneys, Indian food, etc. - but always started the day with a healthy, well-balanced breakfast. And I tried to walk/run lots to balance out the British sausages! :)

  2. I admit, I'm a big Subway girl when I travel. Healthy, quick and cheap. :)

  3. Great post! I was rolling this around in my head as a blog idea as well.

    It is so hard to eat right on the road - and I go to almost all "Smalltown USA" places. For example, this week my choices are Applebee's, Arby's, Wendy's, McDonalds, and Bob Evans. Nary a grocery store in sight. Yikes.

    I try to order the healthiest thing on the menu and eat very small portions. I bring my own brown rice cakes and organic peanut butter and pick up a banana for breakfast.

    When I got to a town with a decent grocery, I feel like I've won the lottery. It makes all the difference.

    Cheers to Friday!!!

  4. No go on the hotel gyms? I hate to say it but I love them. Before I book my hotel that's one of the main things I look at.
    The Four Seasons gym and health facility rocks the casbah!
    As far as eating on the road. My first stop is a grocery store where I pick up tons of bottled water, fruit and healthy snacks.
    That's what I eat for breakfast.
    Then for lunch and dinner I try to stick to salads or wraps.
    And..on this last trip I simply went to the bar in the hotel and ordered off the happy hour menu.
    Small portions and they generally have healthy options.
    I did the lettuce wraps.

  5. You are SO cosmopolitan! :-) And all of those meals look amazing! :-)

  6. Those meals look healthy AND delish! PS - how upset are you about Picnik shutting down!?!?!

  7. love this post. and i'm pretty sure i'm jealous of your job! i would love to be in that field i think...but that would require me going back to school i think. bleh!

    and those meals look yummy!

  8. When traveling, it's really hard to eat healthily. I try to bring healthy snacks along, and I agree that grocery stores can often have great pre-made food!

  9. I love the fact that you make a point to eat healthy when you are traveling. It is so easy to slip when you are out and about, but I have really been making a point to eat healthy regardless of where I am eating. If you work out and eat healthy, give yourself a nice little treat of wine! XO

  10. Mmmm I have to say those salads in particular look yummy to me! I'd be careful about wraps - I recently heard that some of them pack as many calories as 4 slices of bread, so sandwiches might actually be a healthier option. It is difficult to make the right decision when you're at hotel restaurants or most chain restaurants, since precious few list the calorie content... To be honest I've always been tempted to max out the per diem *hangs head in shame*.

  11. I love good soups and salads, especially when you can get a combo meal!

  12. I'm the same as you-I love wraps, soups and salads. When I'm trying to be really healthy, I always go for the vegetarian or vegan option and then get a snack if I'm still hungry afterwards. Those snacks usually include raw nuts, fruit or a chocolate protein bar to satisfy my sweet tooth.

  13. Great tips! I try to eat salads or very plain dishes when I travel since I don't know how much oil or salt or sugar is going into the dish. And with salads, you can hold the dressing for the side :) Have a fantastical weekend!

  14. I love to stuff my bag with vegan, gluten-free Kind bars when I'm on the road. I always think I've gone overboard and packed too many but I never seem to have any left when I get home.


  15. Right now I'm just trying to work on eating well at home! haha. Since Nick and I moved to a new city, we're all about trying new places. (we're such foodies, and I hate cooking!)

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