Weekend Wrap-Up

So, a strange phenomenon has happened recently -- I think I've flip-flopped my philosophy on the weekend.  After graduating college, I liked going out both Friday and Satuday nights (and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and ... you get the point).  But since getting older, and --ahem-- wiser, I have bought into the whole "relax on Friday night after a long workday, and go out Saturday night" way of thinking.

Only in recent months have I started realizing that if you rally on Friday night and go out, and then save your relaxing evening for Saturday night, in some strange time-warp way, it makes the weekends feel so much longer!

At least, to me.  You might think I'm a little crazy.

So we did just that this weekend.  Friday evening wasn't looking too good for going out because Ian was going to have to work late, but things fortunately wrapped up earlier than expected, and next thing you knew, I was throwing a bottle of cabernet into my Vineyard Vines wine tote and we were out the door.  We celebrated a friend's new job at his house with pizza, salad, lots of happy dogs, and adult beverages.

Saturday, Ian and I tackled our office.  After painting our dining room recently, we realized a gallon of paint was an  inexpensive and relatively quick way of giving a room a complete makeover.

We painted a few swatches on the wall and made a unanimous decision -- the middle swatch!  It has a touch of green in it, which compliments our area rug in the room and a green leather chair. 

We're still waiting on the crown molding to be put up this week, but here is a sneak peak of the room with a larger reveal coming soon:

Between painting the first and second coat, we got outside for some much-needed fresh air.  We went on a run and then looped back by our house to pick up our dog Drake and take him on a walk.

That evening I cooked a great meal that I pinned on Pinterest -- recipe to come soon.  Ohhhhmygoshhhhhh it's good.

Yesterday afternoon, Ian and some of his guy friends went shooting out at a farm and I got chores done around the house (read: 10% paying bills and 90% catching up on blogs).  Later we relaxed with friends at nearby Selwyn Pub and had a few beers.  Our favorite Sunday afternoon tradition.

And on an unrelated but equally fun note, a big thanks to Hopsy of Monograms and Manicures for introducing me to the fabulousness that is Red Stamp.  I downloaded the app immediately on my iPhone and have had so much fun playing with it.  With this app, you can create invitations and cards (and even include photos!) and send to people via email, text, Facebook, and Twitter.  There is even an option to have your design turned into a paper postcard and have it mailed.  Too smart, too smart.

Those are cards that Ian and I sent to my cousin and my aunt for their recent birthdays.  With my hectic travel schedule, it makes remembering someone's special day or sending a quick, casual thank-you that much easier.


  1. The room looks GREAT! I'll have to check out Red STamp!

  2. ur too cute - tho i would of picked the 2 darker colors - but i just don't have a thing for neutrals - but looks great in ur home

  3. Red Stamp sounds awesome! It sounds like a great weekend; I can't wait to see your whole office. Paint is my favorite way to makeover a space.

  4. We have discovered this strange phenomenon as well! After going out get double the time to relax & recoup! We're big fans of that :)

    I'm going to download Red Stamp immediately!

  5. paint can make such a huge change! love the color you chose!

  6. It looks like you had such a fun weekend! I absolutely love the gray that you used on your walls in the office. Also, I just downloaded Red Stamp! Such a fun idea!

  7. April I LOVE the color!! It looks like one I'd put in my own house :)

    And I'm usually the same way when it comes to weekends - stay in Friday and go out Saturday.. but maybe this weekend I'll try your suggestion to go out Friday! I'll do just about anything for a long (feeling) weekend!

  8. I made your pizza chicken recipe for dinner on Friday - HUGE hit. Thanks.

  9. I am in love with the color on your walls! I totally get your reasoning about making your wedding feel longer. It definitely does.

  10. I love that paint color! It looks amazing!! Can't wait to see more pics!

  11. Glad you had a great weekend! Love the paint choice!

  12. I've totally had this weekend frame of mind for a while! One of my friends always wanted to go out on Friday nights and I was like girrlll let's do it on Saturday. I am just exhausted on Friday nights. Glad I'm not the only one!

  13. I seriously loved all 3 paint swatches that you guys picked. You really couldn't have picked a wrong color. Can't wait to see the bigger room reveal.

  14. Love the office!

    So I downloaded this app yesterday and I couldn't quit playing with it! It is by far the neatest app I have seen so far. Thanks for passing along the recommendation :)

  15. I totally agree that it's good to rally on Friday nights and then relax Saturday night! If you relax Friday and then go out big on Saturday you're exhausted and wind up wasting most of your Sunday!


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