Eleven Questions About Moi

I was recently tagged by the oh-so-cute Katie from KT Louise to answer 11 questions about myself.  So without further ado, here are her creative and fun questions:

Where were you born? 
I was born in Columbia, South Carolina.

What irrational fear do you have?
I often dream about violent intruders in my home, but I guess that's a rational fear.  As far as an irrational fear goes -- hmm.  I'm scared that I will panic when I sit in the exit row of a crashing airplane and not know how to let everyone out.  I'm scared I'll get MRSA from gym equipment.  I'm scared of being stopped under an overpass because it might crumble and fall on me.  My car, therefore, is equipped with a safety whistle, a granola bar, and a bottle of water.  You know, for survival.

Where’s 1 place you hope to travel before you die?
Italy, most preferably a remote village filled with lots of flowers, olive trees, and outdoor markets.


What’s your favorite summer cocktail?
I love making white sangria.  There is also a delicious summer drink that I made called sgroppino.

Yummy sgroppino ... an Italian cocktail.

Fine Dining or Casual Dining?
Somewhere in the middle ... inspired food but a comfy atmosphere.

Did you go to summer camp as a kid?
Yes!  After reading the Babysitters Club super series where they are camp counselors, I requested informational VHS tapes from many summer camps listed in the back of my mom's Southern Living magazines.  We ended up going the non-log-cabin route, however, and went to an arts & sciences summer camp each year that was held at college campuses.  Best part?  The camp dance.  Duh.

Favorite comfort food?
Cheap Chinese take-out ... General Tso's chicken and lo mein.

Do you have any siblings?  If so, how many?
Two beautiful younger siblings.  Laura, who will be married this fall and lives in Greenville, SC.  Sarah, who lives in NYC and is an artist.

Sarah, Laura, April

Mr. Chow in Miami

Coffee or Tea?
I like an occasional cup of coffee when I need a jolt, but I'm mainly a tea girl.  I love mint tea.  I'll drink it hot or ice it down.

Friends character you’re most alike?
I think .... Monica?


What’s the first concert you ever saw?
Bush (who No Doubt opened for).  Ahh, memories.  I even got the huge concert tee afterwards and wore it to school the next day.

Thanks, Katie!  You can see her responses to these questions (and more) here.
Now, because we are close to the weekend and the weather is getting mighty warm, do tell me -- what's your favorite summer cocktail?


  1. You and your sisters look so much alike! I like any cocktail, but a glass of white wine on our balcony is my favorite.

  2. Camp dance, yes! Totally the best part of summer camp. :)

  3. Summer drink? I am a big fan of Pimm's Cup or sangria!

  4. I loved summer camp!! I would seriously squeeze in as many different camps as I could every summer.

  5. You may need to share your sangria recipe!!

  6. You and your sisters are beautiful. I love Chinese and sangria, I think we are a match. ;)

  7. I saw BUSH back when I lived in Vegas. It was 2001 I think and it totally ROCKED! Seriously, one of the best shows ever
    My first concert?? Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince came on after followed by NKOTB. It was at the Louisiana State Fair
    Yes, I'm old..

  8. aaah I totally went to the bush/no doubt concert in high school!

  9. I have that same fear of sitting under an overpass!! thought I was the only one :)

  10. Gin and tonic--with a slice of lemon, never lime.


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