Friday Mish-Mash

I couldn't be happier for the weekend to be here, especially since this Saturday is the long-awaited best day of the year ... Carolina Cup.

The Cup is, hmmm.... a right of passage?  Is that too dramatic to say?  If you reside in the South and you look for any measly excuse to tailgate as soon as the bradford pears and dogwoods start blooming, you've most likely spent a day at the races in Camden, SC.

2010 - With girlfriends Kate and Kerry

2011 - With Ian, about two months before our wedding
We will be going to the Cup with two other couples.  Tonight will be spent packing sunscreen, bottled water, adult beverages, and making good Cup food.  So far our table will be adorned with Bojangles fried chicken, ham delights, devilled eggs, and macarons.  I'm thinking about adding pasta salad to the mix. 

Also, I had a few questions about outfits I wore recently.  (Sidenote: I love replying back to questions via email, but unless you've followed Classic Annie's tutorial to fix yours, I may be unable to write you back!  If you've got a second, check to make sure this is enabled.  Then I can answer your question directly to you.)

For Whitney's baby shower last weekend, the silk maxidress I wore is from Anthropologie.  I found it last summer in Birmingham on sale (obvi).

And the pink cropped jeans I wore in New York are a steal from Marshall's!  I can't recall the brand but I do know they were only $16.99.  You have to go to the juniors section to find the colored denim.  They're thin, comfy, and some of my new favorites to wear.

One more little tidbit before I go.
I decided to host a little A. Liz Designs jewelry flash sale!
Three pairs of earrings just got reduced to $10.

Like, the cost of lunch at Panera, but these last longer and are more sparkly.

The sale will only last through the weekend, so shop shop shop away.

So please do pay a visit to my store, and have a lovely weekend!


  1. Have fun this weekend, I love those pink skinnies, I'm going to have to get some.

  2. oh...cup. the last time i went i had already graduated but we parked in the college lot. at the measely age of 24 i knew i was too old to be up in there with those drunk fools. cup was always about dressing up just to get drunk and dirty.

    this year i'm going with some friends to the Tryon Steeplechase. should be fun!

  3. YOu are going to have a wonderful time this weekend! I wish I were there to go with you. Sounds like a blast!

  4. ohhh I miss the Carolina Cup. I have not been since my friend's family sold their plantation. No, I am not even kidding. They own the plantation you pass by on the right as you drive to the Cup on the little two-lane road in Camden. It is big and on the right on top of a hill with the brick/iron entrance and the little lake and big trees. It was so sad when they sold the place! Miss it all the time. Maybe you could wave to it for me tomorrow? XO

  5. Such stylish girls! Loving all the looks you guys were wearing.

  6. Thank you for the pink jean tip! Have a great weekend!

  7. No hat for the Cup!? We have never been to Caroliina Cup but brads hometown host good cup in Va and we use to go up there all the time. Not any more. Getting too old. I say wear the dress but I'm real Southern! Have fun!!!

  8. Love the post. I could look at your outfit of the day everyday, so cute! Erica

  9. Maybe we will see you there! We love the Cup! Favorite event of the year ( when it does not rain) . Love love the outfits!

  10. I totally agree that Carolina Cup is a right of passage and must for everyone!


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