A Classy, Southern Wife In The Queen City

Know what's so dang crazy?

Meeting a girl you know from the blogging world, twice (this time and this time), and then getting together for a double-date and seeing your husbands get along seamlessly.

They were cracking jokes and contemplating tequila shots -- thank goodness that didn't come to fruition -- and having the great Broncos vs. Raiders debate.

Surreal!  And so fabulous.

Last Thursday, Christin from A Classy, Southern Wife and I got together in my neck of the woods -- Charlotte!  Her husband was in town for a certification, and she had the opportunity to join.  I met up with her at noon, and after a day of shopping, having lunch, and showing her our beautiful Queen City, we gathered our husbands and had dinner at Paco's Tacos. 

The food, as always, was delicious.

And if you've ever eaten dinner with a blogger, this next image will seem normal to you... We got a pretty good laugh at the things a blogger husband gets used to -- "Babe, can we PUH-LEASE eat dinner now?  It's getting cold and I'm sure you got a good picture or sixteen of it." 

But really -- it was so much fun, and after our big night of tortilla chips, two types of salsa, soft tacos, and a few Shiner Bocks, my next big move was straight to bed where Ian fed me Pepto Bismol and rubbed my tummy.  This girl was a-hurtin'. 

Our next big plans occurred on Saturday when we had plans with a small group of Charlotte bloggers to meet for brunch at Pewter Rose (my favorite brunch spot in the city).  First order of duty: their signature butterscotch scones and a bloody mary.

Joining me below were (L-R):

Please let it be known that I didn't put balloons on the back of my chair.  Just an optical illusion, my friends, from the party behind us!

We girls had a great time brunching and enjoying some girl talk.

There's just nothing like a good girl date.

Thanks, Christin, for paying Charlotte a visit, and please know that you are always welcome back!


  1. Thanks for planning such a fun outing! I loved being able to meet Christin & being able to see you!

  2. Both look so fun! Bryan now knows to ask if I want to take a picture of what we're eating first and sometimes he whips out his phone and just takes it for me. Oh the hubbies of bloggers!

  3. haha Stephen just knows that if it's a decent meal we pause for a photo- I love that you all stopped to recap that! Is that your new looks awesome!!

  4. You guys all look so beautiful and "springy!" Love meeting other bloggers.

  5. I'm now following you because of Christin. Looks like a great time!

  6. How fun, how fun, how fun! I wish my layover in Charlotte was longer this weekend, but oh well!

  7. you are always doing the funnest things...i want to play the next time i come to charlotte ;)

  8. What an amazing time! Blogging is so cool like that, isn't it? :)

  9. so so fun!! I love the pic of him like "hurry the heck up!" Billy totally does that. Hilarious!!

  10. What a fun weekend! I love the "blogger husband" picture. Only something another blogger would get a laugh over- I am always doing that!

    I can't wait to move to Charlotte and meet all of the wonderful ladies behind the blogs I read!

  11. Aww. Looks like so much fun.

    PS I'm LOVING that coral necklace you're rocking!

  12. Super cute pics - looks like you had a super fun weekend!

  13. Ha! That photo documentation of photo documenting is priceless :) This all looks like so much fun!!


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